Friday, October 2, 2009

Yuri Anime Final Impressions: CANAAN

 No, this picture has absolutely nothing to do with the ending- but it still amuses me. Canaan seems to be having a little too much fun, no?

Most of this review will be behind a cut- I want to (finally!! > <) dissect the ending, but I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it. The shorter review for people who haven't seen the ending of CANAAN (or *gasp* any of CANAAN) is: Watch it. You might not get as much mileage as I did if you don't care for action, but it is a very good series. (And if you do like action- especially the girls with guns subgenre-, this show will be like manna from heaven.)

And without further ado...

 "It is the East and CANAAN is the sun.
Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon."

Can't tell that I loved the ending yet? :P

I watched the finale with some trepidation since a fair number of yuri fans who watched it before I did seemed to consider it a disappointment. But, quite honestly, it seems to me like anything less than  Canaan and Maria french kissing while riding off into the sunset in Taxi Guy's car with everybody giving their blessings would have disappointed much of the Canaria fandom. But I loved it, and dearly hope that Type Moon and P.A. Works will grant us a second season. ^___^

Like so many other scenes in CANAAN, the finale opens with Maria in a classic damsel-in-distress situation. But who's her knight-in-shining armor this time?

Best. Rescue. Ever. ^^ Yunyun gets her shining moment of badassery, and Canaan goes into maximum-power mode against Alphard as a result of her beloved Maria being placed in mortal danger. We get more yummy Canaan x Alphard slash fodder, as seen through the reptilian fan-portion of my brain fight sequences, complete with helicopter explosions and a smackdown on top of a moving train. XD

*munches popcorn* I love this series. ^^

Then comes the moment that made me snarl expletives at my computer screen the first time I watched it.

Then, another Canaan x Maria moment... ^^

but alas, it was only a dream.

We learn how Mino found Yunyun and Maria, and Yunyun shows why she's a great character once again. :)

After Maria realizes that Canaan is cutting off contact with her to protect her from any future danger because their worlds are too different (awwww...), Maria and Mino take one last ride with Badass Taxi Guy to the airport to return to Japan.

lol at Yunyun
This scene convinced me that Maria will meet Canaan (and Yunyun) again- especially given how Nene's lyrics correspond to the dialogue.

Hopefully in a second season?

lol Better than a push-up! (^_^)b

Could it be...



 Cummings' final scene is amusing, surprising, and even a little "awwww"-inducing all at once. ^^

Small translation nitpick: Here, Canaan actually says "Are atashi no da" or "That is mine" while watching Maria depart. It's considered the best line in the series by many Japanese Canaan x Maria fans. Thanks to Sho for pointing it out!

If this scene doesn't convince people who watch it that Canaan and Maria will meet again, then...
(Remember folks, Maria had no idea where Canaan was or how to contact her at the beginning of the series, either.)

I love Maria's final scene. ^^ It's great to see Maria holding her own photo exhibit (with Canaan in nearly all of her photos *ahem*), and striving to become sugoi also. Meanwhile...


Thank you, Natsume, for making this the Best. Epilogue. Ever. The fish are swimming, the birds are flying, and Canaan and Alphard are still facing off~

Story: Looking at it more objectively (is that even possible? lol), given that there were still some unanswered questions and areas that could have been expanded upon by the end (*cough*SECONDSEASON!!!!*cough*), B+. Subjectively, I loved watching this series to bits.

Art: Oh Takeuchi Takashi and Sekiguchi Kanami (and everybody else involved in the visuals), you know exactly what I want. My only real nitpicks are that the characters don't have enough wardrobe variety (I could just imagine Canaan's closet- one top row of sleeveless red turtlenecks and a bottom row of boot-cut khakis. But her new look at the end- complete with a new jacket and Alphard-style ponytail now that Alphard's keeping her own hair down- looks really nice. :) ) and Natsume's forehead looks a little out of proportion in a few moments. Otherwise, I was mighty pleased. A-

Overall: See Story.

And for the heck of it, a spiffy little piece of fan art (found here) depicting Canaan and Alphard's new life together. Hehe. ^^ *easily pleased* (And yes, I've pre-ordered the Alphard Nendo now also. XD)


darkchibi07 said...

If this doesn't get licensed with an English dub soon, then there's something REALLY wrong with the American anime industry. Seriously nearly every aspect in this series is so tailored for us! :o

And the yuri slashing is oh so delicious for us fans!

Glo said...

I love how this series started, but something felt like it was missing a little bit after the halfway part, and I just felt like the anime fizzled. I am fully expecting another season, and hope that Maria and Canaan actually get together at the end of it, as I was disappointed that they [Canaan and Maria] didn't end up together at the end. If there is no season two, then I will be very peeved, because this ending felt almost like a cliffhanger to me.

God I want a season two.

Sho said...

Hi, it's my first comment here, but I always enjoy reading your review articles. Glad to see CANAAN seems to be catching on overseas too.

I got a little question though...I noticed the caption of Canaan's last line looking up at Maria's plane being translated as "Those are my lines." in the screenshot...though in original Japanese she said "THAT is mine" ("THAT" obviously referring to Maria). Many Canaria (or CanaMari in jpn) fans over here seem to consider it the best line in the whole series. I just wanted to make sure our Anglophone counterparts didn't miss the moment, just in case...

Btw I can't wait for a season two either.

Katherine said...

@ darkchibi- Those English dub actors would have some pretty big shoes to fill (Sakamoto, Noto, and Tanaka being the Big Three), lol ^^ but yes, this series NEEDS to be brought over to R1!!

@ Glo- I liked the entire package myself, but I understand what you mean. ^^ Since CANAAN seems the be one of the more popular summer 2009 series, hopefully P.A. Works and Type Moon will expand on it! *crosses fingers*

@ Sho- Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the reviews here! And thank you for pointing out that mistranslation. ^^ (Somehow, I'd missed it. lol) I've edited the post to point it out to other English-speaking fans. It's a great CanaMari moment! XD

Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say: If this doesn't get a second season, I'll be pissed >.> Need Maria and Canaan to meet again :P

Other than that, everything was perfect.