Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 3: A Pleasant Turn Around (Plus, Slivers of Yuri in Seitokai no Ichizon)

Wow. I liked episode 3 quite a bit.

It wasn't deep or anything (not that it tried to be), but it was fun, funny, and had an entertaining self-contained plot that still left a few lingering questions towards the end that probably foreshadow a much larger plot development in future episodes.

Plus, Kuroko came across as more likeable to me (as she always tends to when doing her work in Judgement), Uiharu grew from coming across as moe-moe to simply being a fairly soft-spoken girl with a penchant for dry humor who is very good at her job, and Saten became my favorite character, for no particular reason that I can pinpoint. Her personality reminds me a little of Satou Sei, if that makes sense. Maybe that's why she's my favorite. lol

An unexpected pairing- Saten x Miho ftw!

Or not. lol

But I like the idea of Saten and Uiharu (the Yumi to Saten's Sei) as a dark horse pair,

especially considering Uiharu's reaction to seeing Saten in the Tokiwadai uniform. lol

Mikoto x Kuroko could even work for me if Kuroko learns to express her oneesama-rabu feelings a little more maturely (and burn the stalker-album...not steal any more I reaching for the stars, here? Or am I just being churlish?). (One thing that puzzles me a little: Why does Kuroko's behavior towards Mikoto bug me so much, when I like obsessive yuri characters who have done worse things, like Liang Qi? o_o; Setting aside the fact that Tanaka Rie can voice act circles around Arai Satomi...and Kuroko hasn't yet figured out how to detonate a bomb using a Wii. ...I guess that once a character crosses a certain threshold of evil, I can't help liking her.)

The next episode preview looks pretty good. (Or pretty funny, at least.) The Railgun anime so far seems to going on a different path from that of the manga, based on what I've read of the manga- hopefully ultimately for the better. The anime so far seems to be focusing more on the four girls' lives, and less on Touma randomly popping up and being challenged to psychic battles by Mikoto.

Art: B+
Overall: B-

I won't write any more posts about individual episodes in Railgun until the final review (unless something mind-blowingly amazing pops up in an episode before the end of the series)- just wanted to mention that my opinion of this series doesn't range from "okay, with flashes of cool" to "annoying" any more.


this season's otaku-parody series, Seitokai no Ichizon, has a little yuri. It has a few yuri jokes and service, mostly as a result of Chizuru's hyper-possesive crush on Aka-chan (see: the Marimite parody sequence in episode 2). Imo, Chizuru is meant to be a parody of the tall, cool possesive onee-sama type, like Sachiko, Chikane, Shizuma, etc.


Snark said...

You got that right; Uiharu was probably more entertaining this episode then she's ever been.

Still, whilst Railgun is enjoyeble enough, I can't help but feel it's getting held back by its lack of plot. The day to day life of the girls is alright, but I can't see how they'll be able to stretch it out for a whole season.

Katherine said...

@ Snark- I agree that an entire season like this would be a little underwhelming- hopefully these early slice-of-life episodes are just meant to get viewers acquainted with the characters (and their normal day-to-day routine) before plunging them into a much larger, more drama-laden plot. ^^

P.S. said...

Concerning your dislike for Kuroko's antics and not Liang Qi's, I found Liangs' obsession for Alphard less fan servicey than Kuroko's (the breast grabbing and pantie stealing for example.

Still, I did like the Casablanca reference.

Guest said...

Railgun is far better than Index in my opinion, as there's less fantasy/action in it. i absolutely love light hearted comedy with a bit shoujo ai! I actually spent a bit of money getting the manga as well but so worth it!

Katherine said...

@ P.S.- Yup- I agree. Nothing wrong with Kuroko simply expressing interest in Mikoto, but her particular brand of over-the-top fan service just isn't my cup of tea. (Although the scene in episode 4 when she freaks out at the thought of Mikoto catching the "curse" is pretty funny/"wtf"-inducing. :) )

@ Guest- Can't blame you for liking Railgun more than Index. I definitely prefer a protagonist who can shoot electricity volts over somebody who can only negate other people's superpowers. :D