Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sasameki Koto Trailers!!!!!!!!!!!

YESSSS!!!! XD FINALLY!!!! The Sasameki Koto trailers are up on YouTube!!

It looks- *faints from happiness* XD *revives* Only 4 more days!! ^__^

And kudos to darkchibi for finding it in the first place!


darkchibi07 said...

The awesomeness of having a Sasameki Koto trailer is so big that it couldn't fit within the blog's margins. lol

yasashiisekai said...

I screamed when I saw this post!!! hahahahaha THANK YOU!!!

Katherine said...

@ darkchibi- lol Now I've fixed it so that...most of it fits at least. XD lol It's still too amazing to fit entirely, though.

@ Nakayo (yasashiisekai)- Haha, I knew you'd like it! ^^

Yuri Downloads said...

Took so much to this trailer come to net =/
But well, the trailer is very good, Sumika is prettier in the anime ^_^
3 more days! yay!

Yi said...

Nice. ^ ^
Although the trailer is only a few days before the actual release.

Katherine said...

@ Yi- Haha, yeah, it seems to be common practice for anime production companies not to release trailers (or at least, trailers that aren't composed entirely of still images) for their shows until shortly before the series airs...which kind of debilitates the point of having a trailer, but hey. ^^;