Sunday, October 18, 2009

Now This Is...

a great example of how the mighty otaku dollar- err, yen- can be used for good instead of evil. :) (J/k, of course. But a perfect marketing jingle for the intended audience would probably be:

   "♪ If you bought a dakimakura that makes your body tingle,
    you can definitely afford to buy this single~ ♫"

I know...I suck at composing lyrics. >_>;)

But I really hope that this song raises a lot of money, and massive kudos to the artists and other people who contributed to it. ^^ If it were available on iTunes (or some other legal music download service that I'm able to use- or heck, a physical CD), I would definitely get it.


Snark said...

Please tell me this is sung with horribly laughable engrish.

Katherine said...

@ Snark- If you mean the jingle, then, why yes, yes it would be. :) And by a Vocaloid to boot.

I have no idea what this new otakuriffic version of "Imagine" really sounds like, though. (A ringing endorsement, I know. ^^; lol)