Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yay, Hidamari Sketch Licensed!!

Good news for Hiro x Sae/Hidamari fans!
Go, go Sentai!! XD


Snark said...

Between getting licensed and having a new sequel announced, it looks like its a good season to be a Hidamari fan.

So what exactly is it? I've never actually had the chance to see it.

Katherine said...

@ Snark- Hidamari Sketch is a slice-of-life comedy about four girls attending an art school who all live in the same apartment complex (Hidamari Apartments). I've only recently finished the first season, but it's a cute series, with a slightly off-beat sense of humor and visuals by SHAFT. I'm not really sure if you would like it (given that it's a moe slice-of-life title ^^;), but I thought it was entertaining.