Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fandom Origins: Thanks to Takeuchi

Wow. It's a little weird to think that the Sailor Moon manga is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. ^^; (And with a seiyuu event anticipating the upcoming 20th anniversary, to boot!)

The old PocketMixx edition of Sailor Moon was the first manga I ever read (with the worn copies still sitting on my manga shelves at home), and the SM anime was my gateway to this weird and wonderful hobby. :)

I actually first found out about SM from a girl from Japan who was my best friend in kindergarten. She moved back to Japan after a year. By that point, I was irrevocably hooked on SM, and my proudly geeky obsession eventually snowballed into anime and manga in general- which provided a springboard for hitting it off with some of my later friends, including my current bf. So, thank you Takeuchi Naoko, for years of entertainment and nostalgia-bonding with friends over the campy goodness of Sailor Moon. (And just as many thanks to the girl I knew back then; we lost contact after a little while- being 6 and all- but I really hope that she's doing well.)

And yes, Haruka and Michiru were my first yuri couple. ^^ (Although not the first yuri couple that I consciously thought of as "yuri.")


Erin said...

Sailor Moon was my gateway anime, too. :) Though, embarrassingly enough, I was in high school.

Katherine said...

@ Erin- Cool, you have the same gateway series! :) But I can understand somebody getting into it in high school- despite the repetition, it's a fun show.