Saturday, October 3, 2009

Upcoming Anime Series to Keep An Eye On?

We all know that P.A. Works can animate girls with guns. And love them or hate them, Key knows how to churn out fan-favorite storylines via their visual novels. (I like the animated adaptations of Key's visual novels, personally- my favorites being Air and Clannad ~After Story~. ^^) What happens when the two combine? Apparently, Angel Beats!

Even though this series was green-lit this past May, there still isn't any date for when it will premiere. But it looks like it'll be another action-packed girls with guns series, judging from the cryptic story synopsis and the trailers that have been released (although the trailers only contain still images). I'm not really expecting yuri, but I'm sure that the two female protagonists in the pic above will be paired in the minds of some fans. :) (Especially given that one of them is named Yuri. lol) And it'll be interesting to see a Key story that isn't animated by KyoAni.

Additionally, Takatsu's Karino's Working!! manga, which has also been green-lit for an anime adaptation, has gotten some yuri-ish buzz on the Japanese blogosphere. (Thanks to Erica for drawing attention to it!)

Working!! is a 4-koma series that follows the lives of the staff at a family-style restaurant in Hokkaido. There isn't any yuri in the first three chapters that are available for free online, but judging from the character descriptions on the Working!! manga website, Todoroki Yachiyo (the bubbly blonde girl in the back of the promo pic above) has a thing for the tall, cool, dark-haired manager, Shirafuji Kyouko (the girl next to the bubbly blonde). Are Yachiyo's feelings reciprocated (or will they be)? I guess we'll see when the anime airs. ^^ Judging from the Working!! drama CD covers, Kyouko at least doesn't seem to mind. lol

Finally, even though the raws for chapter 1 of Kaishaku's Himegami no Miko Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian will likely turn up any day now (if they aren't already uploaded online), here's a link to a Japanese blog where the blog author posted some images of it, with commentary on the story. It looks very Kaishaku. lol But it'll be interesting to see how the story develops. And I'm sure we'll see a new yuri action anime adapted from it at some point. ^^

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