Monday, October 5, 2009

Crunchyroll Streaming Sasameki Koto!

Woohoo!! Good news!!! ^^ Crunchyroll is going to simulcast Sasameki Koto!! There are two things that I especially like about this announcement (aside from the mere fact that Sasameki Koto is being simulcast, of course ;) ):
  1. CR describes Sasameki Koto as "a yuri title for those of you that have been requesting it!" It's nice to see that CR has been listening to the fans who have requested this series- giving feedback to anime distribution companies really can make a difference. ^^
  2. This likely (hopefully!) means that the folks at Afterellen will stream Sasameki Koto, just as they streamed Aoi Hana this past summer.
The first episode of Sasameki Koto will begin streaming on Crunchyroll at 12:00 noon PST this Wednesday. (Only available in the Americas and Oceania.) It's also worth noting that the Sasameki Koto webpage on Crunchyroll lists the series as airing for 12 episodes.


Teh said...

Great! Now all that has to happen is for Crunchyroll to hire some COMPETENT F*CKING TRANSLATORS. Or maybe even bother looking at the subs BEFORE airing it, thus preventing themselves from looking like a laughingstock YET AGAIN.

Katherine said...

@ Teh- And you don't suppose that your reaction here looks the least bit risible, m'dear? :) (Purely rhetorical.)

TehFreek said...

Granted that I'm not perfect, but, and I quote, "Haruka, a beginning of a trip is from a mandarin.".

Erin said...

I was happy about this news too. Gives us a better option than "pirate, don't watch at all, or drop hundreds of dollars on Japanese DVDs (which you also need a region-free player for)."

I don't know what SK's chances are of getting on AfterEllen. The person who arranged that for AH isn't working for Crunchyroll on SK. But now that the structure for it is in place--and they got a lot of positive comments on AH--maybe AE will go for it, especially if people write in and request it.

Erin said...

Also, I thought that CR's subs for Aoi Hana were fine, and their subs for Glass Mask were generally fine--certainly no nonsense or ridiculously bad translations. I can't speak for their other series, as I haven't watched them.
I don't know enough to say whether CR's subs are generally good or bad, but I will say that I would find it very unfair if people judged my whole body of work based on one or two mistakes, or if they just assumed my work would be bad because other people in the group/company did poor work.
I also can't count the number of times I've seen poor translations praised as "good." So I take everyone's opinion with a grain of salt either way.
Just my two cents.

Katherine said...

@ Erin- Exactly (regarding options for fans). :) Even setting the ethics of piracy and downloading aside, it's more convenient. I'm really pleased that Crunchyroll is picking up several series that I'm interested in- like Tegami Bachi, 11Eyes, and Book of Bantorra along with Sasameki Koto. I sent an e-mail to AE today nagging- err, asking whether they'll stream SK as well. *fingers crossed* I've watched several series on Crunchyroll, but I thought that their translations were fine also- not perfect, but good enough from what I could tell (and they don't throw in any of that irritating karaoke lettering or use gimmicky fonts/colors, so I'm pretty happy about that, lol).