Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-Halloween Giddiness

The final official Aoi Hana wallpaper is out now!! Akira and Fumi look soooo cute together in Halloween costumes! ^^ *squeals* Since Halloween's coming up next Saturday, I'm posting a batch of Halloween fan art here for yuri/yuri-subtext anime and manga.

From Maria-sama ga Miteru (the second pic's my fave :) ):

From Hayate x Blade (LOVE Ayana as Jason):

From Noir (Why is Kirika green in the third pic? o_o; I do technically know why, but it still looks weird...)

From K-ON!:

From Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha:


From Sailor Moon (for the gothic-lolita fans):


 From Lucky Star:

From CANAAN (I know I'm stretching it with this one; let's just consider it "Liang's Halloween Dream-Come-True" :P ):

 And for something completely out of left field, Hatsune Miku and another Vocaloid, named Luka:


Snark said...

The Noir pics look fucking awesome. Though green Kirika is both really cool, yet horrifyingly creepy.

yasashiisekai said...

My favourites are the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and K-ON! ones!! Thanks for the pics!!! Never been too interested about Halloween but hmm....I might now go and try hunt down all the YURI HALLOWEEN ones!! hahahaha

P.S. said...

It's good to see some Hayate x Blade fanart, though it's a shame that Isuzu was not included (Halloween would be her forte).

Katherine said...

@ Snark- I'm glad you like the Noir pics! :) (Especially radioactive Kirika- muahaha.)

@ Nakayo (yasashiisekai)- Glad you like them! ^^ And good luck in your yuri Halloween search! I was actually pretty surprised at how many Halloween fan art pics there are, since I thought that Halloween isn't a very high-profile holiday in Japan.

@ P.S.- There's a surprisingly large amount of H x B fan art out there (fitting for such a great series ;) ). But I agree, Isuzu would have been perfect for H x B Halloween fan art.

Snark said...

By the way, I quite enjoy your blog; I propose a link exchange!

Yi said...

Thanks for all the pretty pictures.
The Noir Wicked one does make Kirika look weird though.
I love the Miku x Luca one too.

Katherine said...

@ Snark- Hi Snark, sorry about the later than usual response. But sure, we can exchange links! ^^

@ Yi- Your welcome. ^^ The Miku-yuri pic was so random that I just had to throw it in. :)

Frederica Bernkastel said...

the second marimite pict is indeed cute. I don't mind got eaten by werewolf-Sei though ;)
and the nanofate one is so damn cute ;_;

Katherine said...

@ Frederica Bernkastel- Glad you like them! ^^ Werewolf-Sei is the main reason why I like the second Marimite pic, too. lol

Meitanei said...


Kirika is green because she is Elphaba.

One of the witches of the LAND OF OZ.

x33 Mireille is the other witch too.

Here goes a pic x3


I love Jun -from H x B-.

Katherine said...

@Meitanei- You're right, it's based on Wicked. :) (And yes, Jun rocks!)