Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue Drop Yuri Sci-Fi Anime Licensed!

Oh my GOD, YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sentaiiii!!!!! YAYYYY!!!! ^__^ Blue Drop got licensed!!!

First the KnM rescue, and now this- I'm coming to like you more and more, Sentai!! d(^_^)b Any yuri anime license is nice to see, but Blue Drop is a very good series on multiple counts- sci-fi, slice-of-life, family drama, romantic drama, etc. But, being a yuri fan, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this

on my flat screen. :D

And it's being released pretty quickly, to boot. Blue Drop will be released in a Complete Collection this November.


Taylor said...

oh my god i am so speechless thank you for this joyous news. i can't wait!

Katherine said...

@ Taylor- Haha, you're welcome. ^^ I can't wait for it either!