Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Glimpse of the Upcoming Sasameki Koto Anime (Updated)

Haha- I'm not (entirely) delusional!! :) According to a 09/02 post on the Production Notes blog on the Sasameki Koto website, they did show a trailer of the series at the Media Factory booth at Comiket.

Hopefully this means they'll release the trailer to the general public soon...? The same blog post also includes two screencaps of the upcoming series.
Me-thinks Ushio is admiring her library-sempai, whatsherface, in the image above. 

It isn't much, but at least we know that AIC can adapt Ikeda's trademark super-cute SD facial expressions well. :)

Now only one more month until the series premieres on September 7!!

And speaking of the latest in yuri anime, the finale for Aoi Hana that aired today was...breathtaking. I'll post a more detailed write up on it later on this week.

09/10 Update @ 7:45 a.m.:

Sweet! More screencaps are up on the Production Notes blog, showing Sumi and Ushio's first "meeting" with Tomoe and Miyako. The overall Sasameki Koto website seems to have been re-vamped a little also, with more character images found throughout it.

 Sumi finds a new goal to strive towards.

09/10 Update @ 8:13 p.m.:

It looks like the front page of the Sasameki Koto website has now been re-done also.

There still isn't any trailer, but it looks really cute anyway. ^^


Yi said...

Definitely very excited and looking forward to Sasameki Koto Anime. I do hope that the anime will not drag on though like the manga.

Katherine said...

@ Yi- I actually like the pacing of the manga myself, but I'm sure the anime will rock also- and hopefully improve on the greatness of the manga material it covers. :) *crosses fingers*