Monday, September 7, 2009

Chikane and Himeko's Latest Incarnation?

Plenty of yuri fans already know about this, but I wanted to write about it here anyway.

The KnM thread on the forum has been abuzz with excitement over what appears to be a new, upcoming Kaishaku series featuring new Chikane and Himeko look-alikes beginning in the next issue (volume 4) of Young Ace! ^^ (The most recent volume came out on September 4.)

Young Ace
is Kadokawa Shoten's newest seinen manga magazine, the other one being Comp Ace (the same magazine that ran Alice Quartet and Lucky Star, and currently serializes the CANAAN mang- *gets muffled by anime fan friends who are sick of my fangirling*). *escapes* Anyway, Young Ace is a really new magazine that began publication on July 4, 2009, and it's already serializing the latest chapters of Sadamoto Yoshiyuki's Neon Genesis Evangelion (which originally ran in Kadokawa's Shonen Ace), Puyo's The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, and Otsuka Eiji and Tajima Shou's MPD Psycho (which also previously ran in Shonen Ace), among others. Its tagline is, "Magazine for people who never give up reading Comic!" But isn't that the case for all seinen and josei magazines...? (Or those aimed at a general adult audience, like Manga Erotics F?)

Regardless, I'm massively excited about the second coming of Chimeko that this publication seems to be inaugurating. I don't have any copies of YA myself, but others who claim to have read it (who I'm taking at their word- otherwise, they can expect to be mobbed by pitchfork-wielding yuri fans) say that the current issue says it's a-coming. Plus, Moonphase speculated about it on August 23- I'm having a hard time locating the 08/23 news post at this point, but I'm sure that it's somewhere on the site. There has also been a photo of a promo flier floating around the internet.

It looks legit, but I'm still maintaining a little cynicism- just in case. Writing about this topic based on the sources that I'm using wouldn't work for a college paper or newspaper article (I'm a staff writer for my college newspaper), but I'm too excited not to mention it here. ^^;

And only two more days until the last episode of Aoi Hana!! ^^ Episode 10 was (insert glowing, positive adjective), although the ending was sad.

Even though she doesn't know it yet, Fumi has already moved on to greener pastures- pastures that gazed at the starry night sky with her in the previous episode.

Speaking of tragic love, episode 10 of CANAAN was, well...Liang needs to die a painful death by the end of this series. How dare she make Noto Mamiko Hakko cry! *brandishes pitchfork* This episode was low on the yuri-ish moments (aside from Liang's onee-sama complex), but Natsume helped compensate for it.

Hell yes.

On that note, tomorrow's my first day of class! Whoohoo, Japanese language, traditional Chinese lit, and West African dance! ^o^


Anonymous said...

Concerning Canaan, man, that was one hell of an episode.

My only complainet with the show is that recently Canaan, Maria and alphard are being overshadowed the supporting charcters a bit.

Having said this the recent events concerning Canaan could lead to some good drama for Canaan and Maria.

Katherine said...

@ Anonymous- Oh, definitely. :) I'm dying to know what that frozen you-know-what in the ice (I think it's ice?) is supposed to be. But yes, even though I liked this episode, I'm hoping for more interaction among Maria, Canaan, and Alphard in the upcoming episodes. *crosses fingers* ^^