Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Yuri Gem From The Past: Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman OVA

Short review:
Wtf. o_O;

Longer Review:
This 2 episode OVA is one obscure little piece of crap. Created during the terrible-OVA boom of the early 90’s, Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman cobbles together nearly every imaginable puerile fan service idea (pre-Moe Era) into one hallucinatory, B-movie package. The story: Mari Amachi is a stupid loveably ditzy, devout Catholic high school girl who transfers to a private school in which students who practice all faiths are brought together to learn how to live in peace. There she befriends Saori, her motorcycle-riding tomboy roommate who is voiced by Miki Itou (Sachiko in Maria-sama ga Miteru), who begins developing some more than friendly feelings for Mari.

When an evil cult called the Black Buddha gang kidnaps Saori, Mari receives unexpected aid from Luna the Buddha,

who enables her to transform into Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman, a sumo belt-wearing defender of truth, love, and justice in the name of the moon Buddha! After saving Saori, Mari must continue to lead a double life and do sentai-style battle with the minions of the Black Buddha cult—the leader of whom is an evil bishounen with terrible 80’s hair,

who develops feelings for Mari while swearing to kill Gautaman.

Due to (abysmally) low expectations, I enjoyed Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman as the cracktastic OVA that it is (one of Gautaman's adversaries is Darth Vader- renamed "Dark Vader" here- as a sumo wrestler, for the love of God!!).

*snort* Ahem... ^^;

And yes, the "Butt Attack" portion of the title comes from Mari/Gautaman knocking her opponents out a couple of times by slamming her butt against them and leaving a butt-print. This is stupid, crass comedy at its goofiest and most unapologetic, and it actually worked for me during the first OVA. It helped that there was a small pinch of surprisingly decent, non-servicey yuri (non-servicey for this title, at least).

But while the sequel OVA, Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R, still had its entertaining moments (the best scene being Gautaman's showdown with the Terminator in the end)

it wasn't as (stupidly) enjoyable as the first OVA. The service became more...blagh, and the yuri became more servicey, period. Saori's now very Tamao-like attraction to Mari remains one-sided, even though they have one last decent (for this OVA) moment towards the end.

And thus the story ends with Mari having completed her mission of defeating Darth Vader, a squad of ninja-octopi, her bishounen admirer, and the Terminator. The end.

Story: Wtf
Art: D (Crappy, inconsistent early 90’s art.)
Overall: Who cares?


darkchibi07 said...

You should contact Justin Sevakis from ANN to talk about this in his Buried Garbage column!

Katherine said...

@ darkchibi- Nice idea! I'd love to see Justin's opinion of this...wonderful OVA. ^_^ Hehehe...

Erin said...

Thanks for the review! This definitely sounds cracktastic.

Katherine said...

@ Erin- You're welcome! I can assure you that it definitely is. :D

Kiwi said...

I LOL'd. :)