Saturday, September 19, 2009

Himegami Website Updated!

The Himegami website has some interesting new updates. The "new" protagonists are called Kouzuki Chikane and Hinomiya Himeko, and they have their own profiles, along with a series terminology guide below on the same page. This time they're both 15, and it looks like a major plot complication will happen on their 16th birthday yet again.

There's also a Link section with links to Kaishaku's website and TNK's website. TNK did the animation production for KnM and Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, so...since they're being linked to and Kaishaku's work has a high rate of being animated, hopefully this means that we'll see a Himegami anime eventually? *fingers crossed* XD

Finally, there's a link titled "Hajime ni" ("in the beginning") that mentions that Himegami was originally discussed as a web novel series- and comments on Himegami are encouraged. :) (I think it's really cute how attached Kaishaku seem to the characters of KnM. ^^) Plus, some staff are listed:

  • Composition: Uetake Sumio (Same guy who did the series composition for KnM and KyoSora! ^^)
  • Layout: Yanagisawa Tetsuya (The director of KnM and KnTnS! ^^)
  • Illustration: Kaishaku

It's great to see more familiar faces involved. I'm looking forward more and more to the series premiere! XD

...But for now... *download finishes* my Pavlovian signal is beckoning to me. :D *blissfully runs off to watch episode 12 of CANAAN*

Next Day Edit: Whoops, I didn't mention that on the bottom-left corner corner of the main page, there's a link with an image that looks like the shaft of an arrow that people can use to send comments.


Anonymous said...

So i know this is 4 years later, but what's going on with Himmegami??? Is it going to be a manga or a anime???

Katherine Hanson said...

@Anon- There aren't any plans to adapt it as an anime or manga. Kaishaku has been really, really slow to even new chapters of it for years now (the most recent one is dated from last December, and the waiting period between that one and the previous one was long enough that folks thought it might be dead), so it isn't really a priority for them.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Well, it's 2015 now and the web novel is seems to be almost done, I think. I only read the first part of the novel since that was the only thing translated to English that I could find. Is there any news about it coming out translated to Enlish or more news about the anime?

Katherine Hanson said...

Time flies, doesn't it? I haven't heard any further news of an English translation or a possible anime adaptation- I assume by now that the latter isn't happening. And I need to catch up on Himegami myself- I missed that a new installment came out this past October!