Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still No Sasameki Koto PV, But Many More Preview Images Released- And Volume 5 of the Manga! ^^


Looks like it'll be a great, faithfully adapted first episode! ^^ The preview screencaps above were found here- props to darkchibi for pointing them out!

Plus, the much-anticipated 5th volume of the Sasameki Koto manga is going on sale on September 23!


Yi said...

This looks like it will be really good. I wonder if this will have a definite ending though. Still really looking forward to the anime. Anyway, thanks for the preview photos.

Katherine said...

@ Yi- You're welcome. ^^ Even if the Sasameki Koto anime doesn't have a definite ending, since its tankoubon are coming out more quickly than Aoi Hana's, it probably has a better chance of recieving a second season.

Darky-Sama said...

I really hope for a second season.
Nothing beat sasameki koto and thank you for the footage. Nice blog you got here ^^.

Katherine said...

@ Darky-Sama- Thanks! ^^