Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Himegami no Miko Website Updated

There is a confirmation, of sorts, in the most recent post on Kaishaku's blog (possibly nsfw) about their new KnM-inspired Himegami no Miko series- yes, it will begin this October. :)

Even though this entry on Kaishaku's blog contains the (still kind of irritatingly vague/teasing) confirmation, this entry contains a pic of Chikane by Kaishaku in which she's wearing the dark blue uniform seen in that promo photo that's been floating around. (I love how Kaishaku's "avatar" pic is of Chikane, btw. ^^)

The website for Himegami no Miko (which seems to be the new series' name) has been up for a few weeks, but it hasn't been very "official"-looking until recently- the picture that it featured previously looked like Kaishaku's blog sketches, but nothing that couldn't be imitated by somebody else fairly easily. Now it features much prettier, more professional-looking art! ^_^ It also contains a link to a cryptic description of the series- but no worries, it will have swords and yuri in abundance.

(Nonetheless, I still want to see a clear, comprehensive press release on this series from a source like ANN or Moonphase- or even Kaishaku's blog-, instead of the slow, torturous information tease we've been getting. T_T)

Bonus Trivia:
There's a special significance for this series beginning in October also- something that I'm sure Kaishaku intends. The 10th month of the Japanese lunar calendar was traditionally known as 神無月, which can be read as "Kannazuki", as in Kannazuki no Miko (神無月の巫女). It means "godless month", which makes perfect sense to people who are familiar with the plot of KnM.

And An Extra Note: When Kaishaku added their "confirmation" post on 08/05, I still thought that it was too vaguely worded to get terribly excited about, but after noticing how other people left comments on Kaishaku's blog mentioning the new series coming up in YA (without Kaishaku correcting them) and the updated Himegami website...I thought "@#%$, this is good enough," and decided to write this post.

Edit on 10/09/2009: Himegami no Miko appears to be a web-based project (web novel?) that's separate from Kaishaku's new Young Ace manga still starring Chikane and Himeko. The series running in YA is titled Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian.


Yi said...

Thank you so much for the information on Himegami no Miko.
Do you mind if I link to this post on my blog?

Katherine said...

@ Yi- You're welcome. ^^ No worries, feel free to link!