Friday, September 18, 2009

Figurine Fangirling, and A Tribute to the #1 Psychotic Lesbian of the Year (Spoilery for Ep 11 of CANAAN)

Only 2 more episodes of CANAAN! ^^ Even though the series is still moving at a nice, brisk pace (and I'm still enjoying the heck out of it), I wonder how they'll manage to wrap everything up in only (*sigh*) two more episodes.

And the ending had better be decent *tentatively sharpens pitchfork* because...I've already pre-ordered the Canaan Nendoroid and Canaan 1/8 PVC figurines. :D

The pre-order stock for the 1/8 figurine seems to be selling especially quickly, so I'm glad I snapped it up. Still no sign of the matching Alphard figurines yet- I'm lying in wait on the open savannah of the internet- or something like that (sorry about the lame metaphor)- for them to show up on the online shops. Since I shopped around the different reputable figurine vendors I know before ordering (since my wallet can only take so much abuse lol), I pre-ordered the 1/8 from ToysLogic (which I found via Rob Bricken's Astro Toy column on ANN) and the Nendo from YesAsia. I'm looking forward to them- my first figurines in 2 years (is that something to be proud of? lol)- ever since a miscalculated...choice in high school. (My biggest mistake was probably describing it to my dad as an item "of strong sentimental value" before it arrived and then when he saw it, he was like "...???" and walked away without commenting. lol)

My only question regarding the figurines will 1/8 Canaan remain upright on the single support stick keeping her foot attached to the base? It doesn't look like there's anything else holding her up- I guess that it's really well-made stick? ^^;

And in honor of Liang's ostentatious exit this past week on CANAAN (I loved episode 11! XD), here's a stupid-funny CANAAN fan-comic that I found fitting. (Probably nsfw if any of your co-workers can read Japanese BDSM-lingo.)

Panel 1
Liang- Even though I love Nee-sama so much, why won't you respond to me!

Panel 2
Alphard- You don't know, Liang? It's tough for me too.

Panel 3
Alphard- Right now I'm doing what they call "neglect play" with you!
(Neglect play= an SM play in which the masochist is left alone for long periods of time, usually tied up or restricted in some fashion. The sadist may leave them completely alone. On the other hand, the sadist could stay in the same room as the masochist, completely ignoring their existence. I can't really see the appeal...but it matches Alphard's treatment of Liang pretty well. lol)
Liang- Wh-What are you saying!?

Panel 4
Liang- Nee-sama is...Nee-sama is doing such advanced play with me!!

Panel 5
Alphard- That should keep her more behaved for about a week.
Bemused Cummings- Ah...

Panel 6
Canaan- Maria, do you like being tied up?
Maria-  Wh-What are you saying...!?
Text in bottom right- In reference to episode 7.

So that's why Maria keeps getting captured so easily. And I suppose now we know how Alphard fended off Liang for so long. lol

R.I.P., Liang. We hardly knew ye.

She kind of grew on me as the series went on (read: after it became clear that she and Alphard aren't related), since she provided so many unintentionally(?) funny, cracktastic moments.

Oh, and on a related note- if you want to find some good Aoi Hana and CANAAN icons (like the Yunyun one I'm using right now), there are a lot over at Snuff's LJ. ^^

Summer seems so far behind now... (Edit: Even though, technically, it's still summer.)

 BGM- "Guilty Claims" by Disarmonia Mundi


P.S. said...

As amusing as your tribute is to Liang Qi is, I feel that Rie Tanaka's voice must be on it's last legs after all that shouting (not to mention any retakes she must have gone through).

Love the koma strip you posted, especially Maria's reaction to what Canaan said.

Katherine said...

@ P.S.- Thanks! I agree- Rie's voice must be shot...although there must be something she likes about that character type if she keeps signing up for it :) ; and it still can't be as bad as what the seiyuu for season 2 of Suzumiya Haruhi probably had to put up with for Endless Eight. lol