Saturday, September 12, 2009

Koihime Musou Streaming On Crunchyroll

Fans of moe yuri rejoice! (Me: *shrugs*)

The first four episodes of Koihime Musou are now streaming on Crunchyroll. The first two episodes are available for everybody to watch, and episodes 3 and 4 are only available for Crunchyroll members- but they'll be available for everyone on September 19. Presumably, other episodes will follow.

For anybody who isn't familiar with it, Koihime Musou is the anime adaptation of an all-female ero-game loosely (and I mean loosely) based on Luo Guanzhong's classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Season 2 of Koihime Musou will air this fall- Crunchyroll probably acquired the first season because they're (perhaps?) interested in streaming the second season.

I found parts of Koihime Musou entertaining, but didn't care much for what I watched of the overall show. The last episode I saw was the one where the pink-haired girl and a blonde-haired girl climb a cliff to pick a plant...or something. It's just frustrating to me- how could somebody take a show filled with women with weapons and make it so...meh.... Edit: Actually, there are plenty of shows like that now that I really think about it. -_-;; (It's kind of like CANAAN- if you transferred the cast of CANAAN to ancient China, gave them lobotomies and boob jobs, dyed their hair in pastel shades, and turned a few of them into children. Scratch that, Koihime Musou isn't like CANAAN at all...)

The cool thing to me about this acquisition is that, now that Crunchyroll is adding another yuri title to its roster, the chances of it streaming Sasameki Koto are (probably) that much higher. ^_^ (Exactly how much is up for debate.)

Plus, Koihime Musou will be available subbed and dubbed everywhere in the world except in Japan, France, Belgium, China, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco, Taiwan and Hong Kong, according to this article on ANN. Hopefully Koihime Musou will set a precedent for more Crunchyroll titles being made available to a wider audience. ^^

Next Day Edit: Never mind the "dubbed" part. Crunchyroll issued another statement (found in the article above) saying that there won't be a dubbed version.


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