Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Aru Marimite no Index Yuri Anime Trailer

The website for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (also known as "A Certain Scientific Railgun", or "The Yuri(ish) Fall 2009 Anime That Isn't Sasameki Koto") now has a trailer streaming on its front page. ^^

After watching it, my impression of this series is still pretty lukewarm, but I'm not writing it off yet without watching it. I like Mikoto, the protagonist, from what I've seen of her in To Aru Majutsu no Index, but nothing else has really piqued my interest.

Maybe I'm growing too cynical, but what with the mishmash of blatantly recycled anime/yuri tropes in the advertising for Railgun- including Mikoto's kouhai squealing "Onee-sama!!" (her nasal, high-pitched voice doesn't help ^^;) and the all-girls' school setting-, watching this trailer is an experience akin to having the show's sponsors breathing down my neck with dollar signs in their eyes, screaming "Hey you!! Yes, you!! You like Maria-sama ga Miteru, don't you? And you like Aoi Hana, right? And Strawberry Panic? And Mai Otome? Well, we've got another series set at an all-girls' school with a light glaze of that 'yuri' you crazy anime fans spend so much money on (aside from those parasite-fans who never pay anything), and we're hoping you'll eat this up, too!! Plus, it has psychics!! And shower scenes!!" This trailer's just terribly easy to pick apart. ^^

I'm open to being pleasantly surprised, however.

Anyway, for now I'm still waiting for a Sasameki Koto trailer! ^^ (And anything indicating a second season of Aoi Hana. *crosses fingers*)

Small update: I've added Nanae Haruno's Double House and Pieta to the list of anime and manga containing college-aged yuri characters, and I've added Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora and Re: Cutey Honey to the new list of anime containing adult yuri characters. (I can't believe I forgot them the first time! o_o;)


Hayate said...

Oh, I've watched the trailer to this series as well, and like it so far.
Very promising. :)
I've read the manga and am really looking forward the animation of it.

And... I wonder why they haven't shown the other male character in the trailer, lol.

Anonymous said...

This not promising at all,at least as yuri show,but whole Railgun story might be more interesting than main Index plot.
This will be only an interlude for wait for second season of Index to keep viewers entertainted.
There's no yuri in this,sorry but one girl who is screaming "onee-same" all the time and other electric girl who is in love with Touma main protagonist of Index story,such relationship between these two girls will never happen.
Whole yuri in this show will be for laugh with few fanservice moments and that's all.
Later in novels Mikoto admitted her love to Touma,sorry but she's straight as stick.

Katherine said...

@ Hayate- I'm guessing that the male character who you're referring to (I'm assuming you mean the protagonist of To Aru Majutsu no Index) didn't show up in the trailer because he isn't one of the main characters- or the creators of the trailer want to give it more of a yuri vibe. ^^; lol But if the anime follows the manga (I've only read the first four chapters), I'm sure he'll show up early in the show.

Katherine said...

@ Anonymous- I've seen more than a few crooked sticks. ;-)

But I've made it pretty clear on this blog (see the post titled "Upcoming Fall 2009 Yuri Anime") that I'm not expecting anything beyond one-sided yuri from this show- that's what Sasameki Koto will be for this fall. :) But I am open to being pleasantly surprised- by the non-romantic aspects of this series, at least.