Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Horror(?) Goodness From Ryukishi07

Not yuri-related, but I don't care. Ryukishi07 recently collaborated with fan fave Peach-Pit to release a new "mystery adventure" game called Ōkamikakushi for the Sony PSP console on August 20.

And happily for those of us who like Higurashi and Umineko, this game is being green-lit for an anime adaptation. Since Higurashi's great (within its genre), and Umineko is SO much better now than it was when it began airing, I'm massively excited to see another anime mystery series from the twisted mind that bought us killer moe-girls and corpses stuffed with cookies and candy. :) I have no idea what the plot will be, but I'm not that concerned.

I'm not much of a fan of Peach-Pit. I thought Rozen Maiden was okay, haven't tried Shugo Chara, and as for DearS... currently, I think it's terrible, but... in high school, I thought the anime adaptation was pretty funny- sort of a guilty pleasure for myself and another friend. ^^; (Shaddup.)

The art in Ryukishi07's games, not to mince words, looks like crap,

but the character designs always translate well into anime; I'll kind of miss them, next to Peach-Pit's uber-moe style, but Peach-Pit's art could actually be perfect if Ryukishi07 is going for the "cute characters who kill"-schtick that made Higurashi popular in the first place.

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furei kinoko said...

my god... konami again?! konami is crazy game studio with stupid people here.