Saturday, August 29, 2009

Idiotic/Senseless Fan Rant (Now updated with an extra dash of fangirling.)

YES!!! THIS is exactly what I want for CANAAN promo art, Newtype!!!!!!!!! (See the second half of yesterday's post.)

(Other anime magazines should also take note. ;-) )

I just found the picture above on Anime Paper, and it encompasses exactly what I want to see more of. Non-moe women with guns!!! I have no idea which magazine it's from, but kudos to them! (Unless it's Megami or Nyantype magazines, to which I would say: It's about time they had something good!)

Anyway, I'm just posting this exceptionally appealing CANAAN pic here for anybody else who might like it. ^^ (Although chiefly so that I could geek out over it.)

Oh, and massive props to Newtype for including a "girl x girl relationships" special in the September issue! ^_^ I'll be sure to write effusively about it as soon as I get it.

On an extra note, tomorrow I'll be posting a review of a long-buried anime obscure treasure (*cough*), that is so unbelievably terrible, it's incredibly entertaining. ^^

And even though it's unrelated, only 1 more week until I go back to college!! W00t!! (Yes, freak that I am, I enjoy returning to school, especially after a long vacation. :) )

Next Day Update:

I just watched episode 9 of CANAAN!! OMFG, it was great!! XD Yaaaay, for more on Yunyun, Natsume, and Hakko's backgrounds! ^^ There wasn't much to work with for Maria x Canaan, but this episode had everything else in spades. Helicopter fights!! Gun fights!! Hakko even fighting...sort of!! And I can't be the only person who thought of Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei when Alphard told Canaan, "Your Despair." The only real moment of stupidity was when Maria said that she didn't think Alphard was the sort of person who would mastermind the Ua virus attack on the village. ...Really, Maria? Based on what you've seen, you don't think she's capable of that? o_o; Plus, letting Liang and Cummings live after threatening to kill them (and shooting at Liang from a helicopter) is probably Alphard's biggest mistake ever. Additionally...

Alphard seems to like pinning Canaan down an awful lot. Just sayin'. Of course, I'm still all for Canaan x Maria!! ^^ Really....


Screw it. I like Canaan x Maria as the adorable, snuggly, much more viable "couple", and Canaan x Alphard as the massively dysfunctional, never-going-to-happen-yet-they-still-intrigue-me slash pair. It provides a nice balance. :)


Anonymous said...

Episode nine put me through a lot of emotions, ranging from amusement at Yun Yuns' antics to sadness from Maria taking the photo graph.

As for Alphard I am wondering if she has a death wish (or a very "Black Adder style" cunning plan),considering her "colour is similar to her old mentor.

Kiwi said...

Alphard. I love her. She's my favorite sexiness character in the anime. I love Canaan x Alphard as a slash couple. Lmao. Maria is too cute and nice-- I go for the crazy, sexy womans. Damn!

Katherine said...

@ Anonymous- I'm wondering about that color similarity also. Episode 9 strongly indicates that Alphard isn't simply the Big Bad Villain who carves out a path of destruction for the hell of it (but if she is, hey, nothing wrong with that :D ); and I think Siam will turn out to be more flawed than Canaan's idealized image of him.

@ Kiwi- Hear, hear! XD She's my favorite in this series too- even though I've already made that pretty obvious. ^^ lol I still like Maria (and the cuteness of Maria x Canaan), but like you said, Alphard x Canaan as a slash couple is pretty smokin'. ^^ (And I love cool, badass characters.)