Friday, August 28, 2009

Special Aoi Hana Edition of Manga Erotics F Magazine Coming September 4! ^ ^

Yay/ack!! Another item to add to my next bundle of Amazon Japan goods!! The September issue of Manga Erotics F, the bimonthly manga magazine that serializes Aoi Hana, is currently up for pre-order, and this issue is going to be a "special edition" Aoi Hana issue with some bonus Aoi Hana-related content.

Plus, according to the Aoi Hana website, it looks like they're releasing an Aoi Hana official guidebook, with a ton of neat-looking content- like interviews with the animation staff, voice cast, and Takako Shimura herself, along with a comic essay by Shimura-sensei, anime art, Aoi Hana illustrations by Shimura, a "guide to Fujigaya" (not Matsuoka? o_o I guess because Fujigaya is the more rarefied, "elite" school of the two...), a side story comic, etc.

*squeals* I love the cover picture of Fumi and Akira!! ^^

At first, I thought that the guidebook was going to be part of the special Aoi Hana issue of Manga Erotics F, but it's listed as having a separate price (1280 yen), so... whenever it's coming out, it's going in the cart also. ^^;; (It hasn't appeared on Amazon JP yet- for some reason, Amazon Japan doesn't list items up for pre-order until just over a week or so before they're due for release.) Edit on 08/29: The Aoi Hana guidebook is set for release on September 4 also.

Additionally, I got the August issue of Newtype in the mail today! ^_^ (The Japanese version; Akadot doesn't have the September issue in yet.) I ordered it partly for the K-On! and Sengoku Basara posters that I want to use for the dorm, and partly for the articles about series I'm especially interested in- like CANAAN (Two pithy suggestions for the editors of Newtype: Include some CANAAN posters!! And try avoiding any more solo pictures of Liang Qi for your future CANAAN articles- I don't really care to see her in the bathtub, even though I'm sure that plenty of your readers do- how about Maria and Canaan just looking yuri-ish cute together,

or Alphard looking yuri-ish badass while facing off against Canaan again?

Granted, she looks far more homicidal than yuri-ish in this picture- but it works! (^^)b

), the second season of Kuroshitsuji (I didn't think that there was any room for a second season when the first season ended, but if they can come up with new material, then yay!! ^^ I'm looking forward to some more over-the-top faux-yaoi Victorian demonic-bishonen angst!), K-On!, Haruhi Suzumiya (now that Endless Eight has finally run its course), FMA: Brotherhood, and Evangelion 2.0: You Are (Not) Alone. Plus, now I have a little gashapon-like figurine of Mari from Rebuild of Evangelion! ^^ It's much easier to assemble/keep standing upright than the previous gashapon I've assembled- either it's exceptionally well-made, or I'm just not very good at assembling figures. ^^; lol

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