Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yuri figures (and... a mahjong set?) ftw!! ^ ^

Good belated news for Saki fans! According to the Saki website, they've released four gashapon of Saki, Nodoka, Yuuki (meh), and Koromo (meh)- this past May, to be precise.

This month they've also released a Saki mahjong set (what a surprise ^^),

but it costs 10,290 yen! I don't know how that compares to the price of an average mahjong set, but it seems pretty exorbitant to me- especially with Japan's economy in the state it's in. (Granted, it doesn't cost much more than two R1 DVDs. -_-;)

Better still, I've found something else at the Hobbystock blog. (Warning: since it's an anime figure website, some pictures are nsfw, although most of them are fine.)

Canaan and Alphard Nendoroids!! XD They're soooo cute!!!!!

I want them.

I especially like Nendoroids of characters who tend to be grim and angry in their respective series, like Zetsubou-sensei or the gun-toting women in CANAAN. I'm actually not a big fan of figures (I only own a few gashapon and one 1/10 scale pre-painted figure that I bought nearly 2 years ago), but these are so cuuute!! ^^ The website doesn't say when they're being released, however. (They need to make a miniature Maria to go with the miniature Canaan!! XD)

Update: According to Hobby Link Japan, the CANAAN Nendoroids are coming out this December. ^^

There's also going to be a Canaan action figure released on an unspecified date, although I'm not too keen on action figures, from whichever series.

Plus, there's a cool-looking sculpted figure that's being released this January. ^^ (I wonder how much it'll cost.... ^^;;)

But it looks like it's based on the image in this photo...

which means that they might make a similar figure of Alphard aiming back at Canaan. XD

Speaking of which, keep an eye out for the next, rather intriguing−looking episode of CANAAN this week! ^^ (Is it bad that I'm hoping Canaan gets jealous of the scene below? ^^; Hahaha...)

And of course, check out this week's new episodes of Aoi Hana (it's still brilliant) and Saki (still chock full of yuri−mahjong fun)! ^^

Finally, there's a very yuri-ish-looking pair of figures for the leads in the upcoming fall series, A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Maybe this means that ACSR will have more yuri than I initially predicted... Or maybe it's simply false advertising. lol

If some well-made Aoi Hana figures ever pop up (like Nedoroid Fumi and Akira ^^), I am so getting them.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the first episode for Canaan last week, which was a blast thanks to it's action and amusing main heroine.

I don't get that many figurines or toys, but they do need to make a diorama for Maria and Canaan (with a red thread perhaps)?

As for the image of Maria and Alphard, the way the two are postioned reminds me of the end credits for Kannazuki No Miko.

Katherine said...

@ Anonymous− A Maria x Canaan diorama like that would be quite nice. ^^

And I noticed the KnM similarity in that picture as well. It definitely adds to the appeal. ^_^ *thumbs up*

Yuri Downloads said...

wow the cannan and alphard miniatures! so cute <3, I love cannan, and i like alphard XD
and i agree with u, they need to make a miniature of maria to go with canaan :D
i am also looking foward to the next episode, when i saw that scene in the end of the episode 5, i thought that same thing: 'maybe canaan will be jealous' haha

Katherine said...

@ Yuri Downloads− Glad to see I'm not the only person who interpreted it that way. ^^ lol