Saturday, August 15, 2009

List of College-Aged Characters Fully Updated! Plus, A Little More On The Sasameki Koto Anime

Now I'll just update the all-around "series with adult yuri characters" list tomorrow. ^^

(It really needs to be updated... @_@;)

Then I'll return to writing more manga reviews/news/mindless drivel about whatever yuri-ish thing catches my eye- I'm also rabidly anticipating the new Sasameki Koto anime trailer that should be out around now. (The people working on SK were hoping to have it ready for Comiket.)

Speaking of Sasameki Koto, the OP will be "Kanashii Hodo Aoku" (悲しいほど青く) and the ED will be "Niji-iro Pocket" (虹色ポケット). I have no idea what they'll sound like, but I have no doubt that they'll both be lovely, being sung by Natsumi Kiyoura. ^^

And as an extra bit of fan-geekery, even though Eiji Suganuma, the director of Sasameki Koto, doesn't have much actual directing experience under his belt, I'm happy to see that Hideyuki Kurata, the scriptwriter for SK, also wrote the script (and was the original creator!) of the Read or Die OAV and TV series, did the screenplays for Kamichu!, Now and Then, Here and There (which I haven't seen yet, -_-; although it's been very highly praised), and Kannagi (cute show, although I don't care for it as much as many people seem to), and wrote the scripts for Excel Saga, the Hellsing OAV series, and Battle Athletes Victory (haven't seen this one either, although it's supposed to be a "classic" yuri sports title that's gotten good buzz). Of course, Suganuma and Kurata both have Takashi Ikeda's awesome source material to work from!! XD

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