Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Aria License, and Other Good Anime News

Aria sales must have been good for RightStuf. :) The same company that licensed yuri fan-favorite Maria-sama ga Miteru (with the first three seasons already released, and season 4 licensed and due to be released) along with Aria the Animation and Aria the Natural, has just announced its license of Aria the OVA ~Arietta~ and Aria the Origination! ^^ There isn't any canon yuri in Aria, but it has gotten plenty of spin in yuri fan circles for its slashable characters, with some couples being more popular than others- like Alicia/Akari, Alicia/Akira, Athena/Alice, etc. Yuri or not, Aria is a great, lovely series, and I'm happy to see all of it being released on R1! ^_^

Plus, RightStuf is also releasing Antique Bakery! ^^ It doesn't contain any yuri- yaoi, in fact-, but I have been enjoying what I've seen so far and I'm glad to see a more mature yaoi anime title being released here. (Here's hoping for an Aoi Hana license soon!! ^_^ Hint, hint, RightStuf and Media Blasters.) I haven't seen Junjou Romantica (the other yaoi title RightStuf licensed), although it did extremely well in DVD sales in Japan. Antique Bakery caught my eye because A) it aired in the Noitamina time slot, B) I like food-themed series, lol, and C) it looked refreshingly free of the done-to-death seme/uke dynamic, which it is.

Finally, Crunchyroll is winning bonus points from me by streaming Kunichi Katō's lovely Oscar-winning short anime film La Maison en Petit Cubes! :)


Taylor said...

I just watched it today and loved it ^.^
i have been waiting for the anime since it was announced

Katherine said...

I can't wait for it also, ^^ although according to the RightStuf Aria website, Aria the Origination and Arietta are scheduled for release (together in the same box set) in 2010. (Hopefully early 2010. ^^)