Sunday, July 26, 2009

CANAAN Episode 4: Best. Gunfight. Ever.

It's time to break my recap rule once again (it's more like a guideline now lol ^^;), and gush over how freaking awesome episode 4 of CANAAN is!!! XD

Canaan and Maria don't interact at all in this episode (despite Maria's best efforts), ;_; but there are plenty of other cool/interesting/squeal-worthy moments to keep fans preoccupied- like the flashback to how Maria and Canaan met and the Canaan vs. Alphard gunfight at the end!! YEAH!!!! XD But more on that later...

While Maria mopes in her hotel room, we finally see Canaan's backstory- how a soldier (or mercenary?) named Siam (?) found her in a massacred village, raised her, and taught her how to fight.

Despite Canaan's harsh lifestyle and circumstances, I like how she's portrayed as a good-humored, surprisingly well-adjusted kid, instead of another ice-cold, emotionless killing machine a la Noir's Kirika or Phantom ~Requiem of the Phantom~'s Ein. She and Siam have a warm father-daughter relationship, when they aren't shooting things.

Until her first encounter with Alphard

in which she loses Siam and swears vengeance against Alphard, and she and Alphard settle on their trademark outfits.

Snarky comments aside, I'm curious about exactly why Alphard killed Siam, since the show hinted earlier that Siam knew her as well.

Back in the present, Alphard, Liang Qi, and Cummings attend a formal party

while Mino treats Maria to a huge meal to snap her out of her misery- without asking why she's depressed or batting an eye over her behavior- his no-strings-attached friendship and implicit trust in Maria's behavior is actually pretty nice.

Until she does something incredibly stupid- walking around Shanghai late at night to look for Canaan. There's a cute flashback showing how Canaan and Maria first met.

*cheers* ^^
(Random comment- does this scene remind anybody else of the end of episode 1 of Fushigi Yuugi?)

After Maria realizes that she always meets Canaan when she's in trouble, she (stupidly!) decides to wander near a group of strangers in an alley, hoping that they'll attack her, and Canaan's Maria-senses will tingle. The strangers seem like they might bother her (although to me, they really just seem annoyed that Maria might be trying to photograph them), but Yunyun (the comic relief girl who shows up at different part-time jobs), of all people, whisks Maria away from them.

Maria befriends Yunyun, in a sense, although Yunyun doesn't seem to find Maria remotely as "amazing" as Canaan does. ^_^

At the party, Canaan attacks Alphard in the ladies restroom (both for revenge and because she doesn't want to lose Maria the way she lost Siam) and they have an all-too-short gunfight that leaves me speechless with fangirlish glee:

I love how Alphard has a loaded gun underneath her dress, just in case. XD

After their tense, ever-so-faintly yuri-ish moment of confrontation (although I'm still for Canaan x Maria, in case you couldn't tell lol),

Alphard easily wins

but allows Canaan to escape, undoubtedly making nefarious plans for the future. :)

I'm not making any pretenses of objectively recapping this episode. I obviously really, really, really like CANAAN, and am using this post as a vent for my fangirlism. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ^^


Kelle said...

It looks like things will be heating up. Can't wait for episode 6! Say, will you be blogging the entire Canaan series?

Katherine said...

@ Kelle- I can't wait for episode 6 either!! ^^

As much as I'm loving Canaan, however (the cute Canaan x Maria moments...the badassery of much of the cast- especially Alphard-...the gunslinging action... *sigh* ^_^), I actually won't blog it or the Aoi Hana anime any further from now until my end-of-season review of each series. Normally, I would only blog the first episode or two of whichever new series I'm covering and then, after the series finishes (assuming that I don't drop it), I would write my final impressions of the overall show. (Although if it's 26 episodes long, I would also do a midseason review like I did for Saki.) But I got massively (perhaps overly? ^^; lol) excited by these two shows and allowed myself to bend my blogging policy a little (encouraged by the fact that I'm on vacation). I don't want to commit to recapping every single episode of Canaan and/or Aoi Hana because I'm taking a (supposedly) more intensive course load this fall semester and I'm not sure how well weekly recaps would fit into my school year schedule during the first few weeks. In between my first (or early, in the case of Canaan and Aoi Hana) impressions of different shows and their end-of-season reviews, I'll just continue posting manga reviews and tidbits of yuri news (both of which take less time to write than episode recaps and allow for greater schedule flexibility throughout the school year- like when I put my blog on hiatus for 1 to 2 weeks before the midterms and finals). Hopefully this long, rambling answer makes sense. ^^ lol

Kelle said...

I understand, Katherine. Though you do blog well, and more importantly from a yuri perspective! ^_^

Katherine said...

@ Kelle− Wow, thanks Kelle! :)