Friday, December 25, 2009

YES!!!!! More Mai-Hime!!! XD

In manga form, that is. :3  (Although I would LOVE another animated Mai series.)

The all-new Mai-Hime EXA manga will launch in the February 2010 issue of Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh, which is due out on January 27. ^^ (Dengeki Daioh's the same magazine that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is running in.)

This one looks more promising than the previous manga adaptation of Mai-Hime- at least as far as the art goes. ^^; (It looks closer to Hirokazu Hisayuki's original character designs.) While the first Mai-Hime manga was drawn by Satou Kenetsu (art of Seikon no Qwaser), the art in Mai-Hime EXA will be by Kōteiryū (art of Maji-Kyū 4-Koma Fate/stay night). Mai-Hime EXA will be written by Sukukaze Ryo (original concept of the Demonbane OVA, story of the .hack//cell manga, story of the Idolmaster: XENOGLOSSIA manga and novels), instead of Kimura Noboru, who wrote the first MH manga (along with the script, screenplay, or series composition of several different series). Hopefully Sukukaze and Kōteiryū will do a good job with this new series. :) (And just as importantly, hopefully "Yatate Hajime" will allow them to do a good job. At least, what I would consider good. *cough*Don'tmakeTatetheleadagain.*cough*)


a PV for Ryukishi07's Ookami Kakushi anime has been released!! XD Episode 1 of Ookami Kakushi will premiere on January 7.

I'm really excited for this one. Hopefully it'll provide more of Ryukishi07's signature mystery-horror goodness until season 2 of Umineko appears. (What a brilliantly cracked finale. :-) Poor Ange, though. I like her much more than Battler.) Fans who are following the Higurashi manga in English, of course, can also look forward to the next volume of the Curse Killing Arc on February 23.

BGM- "Honey Bee" by v(neu)


indiobotod said...

yes, don't let Tate do the lead on this one. and pls. let the charismatic yuri pair ShizNat do the trick!

Ghost In The Shell said...

I hope this gets an anime adaptation aswell.


I was wondering if you are up for a link exchange with my site?

Glo said...

! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is AWESOME news! I loved both the anime and manga versions of Mai HiME, and so I will most likely love this too. BAM.

Also, Ookami was one of the few (three) anime that i was going to pick up this season.

This post is full of good things for me.

Katherine said...

@ indiobotod- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that MH EXA will have some good yuri. XD

@ Ghost In The Shell- An anime adaptation would be absolute win. :-) (Hopefully you'll get/have already gotten the message I sent via your website, also.)

@ Glo- Glad you found this post helpful. ^^