Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I were in Japan this February, I would definitely go to this XD

According to the official Japanese Mai-Hime website, a "Hime Night" event is going to be held at Ikebukuro's Cinema Sunshine at night on Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 20 to celebrate the re-release of Mai-Hime on Blu-Ray.

The guests for the first night will be Nakahara Mai (the seiyuu who played Tokiha Mai), Shimizu Ai (Minagi Mikoto), and the show's producer.

The guests for the second night will be Shindou Naomi (Fujino Shizuru), Nanri Yuuka (Yuuki Nao), and the producer again. (The ANN encyclopedia entry for MH lists two producers, though, so it'll probably be a different producer on each night?)

The first 13 episodes of Mai-Hime will be screened on the first night and the last 13 episodes will be screened on the second night. (In Blu-Ray, I'm presuming.)

More details on what will happen at the event and ticket information will be released at some point in January. It would not only be very cool (for me, being a seiyuu-otaku) to see the MH seiyuu live, but also to collectively fangeek over the show with other fans of the series. XD

And only 1 more day until the final episode of Sasameki Koto! ^^ (Whoops- I initially thought that it would be 12 episodes since it's listed as 12 on CR- not that I'm complaining about getting one more episode than I  expected. ^__^) Can't wait!!


Ghost In The Shell said...

I'd go for it too! Shizuru!!

I've added your banner to my site, btw

Katherine said...

@ Ghost In The Shell- Thanks! ^^