Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good News For Fans Of K-ON!

Second season, yes!! The airing date hasn't been announced yet, but I'm looking forward to it. ^^


Alkaid said...

YES YES YES! I'm screaming right now!

I remember when it first came out <3

Maybe this season will have some yuri-ness in it! (did the first one have some at all? Besides the "love note")

WOO! Thanks for posting!

Nelligrand said...

I squealed with glee and did some incoherent babbling upon reading this. Fortunately there wasn't anyone else around so I didn't have to explain anything to anyone... >_>

Cannot wait for it and hey, maybe this will kick it into getting an English release.

@Alkaid, watch Tsumugi closely and try to think like her when her voice goes all breathy and her eyes shine. Most of the "yuri-ness" is implied and/or inside of Tsumugi's head.

Katherine said...

@ Alkaid- Glad this post was helpful. ^__^ As for the yuri in the first season- what Nelligrand said captured it well. Plus, Mugi (K-ON!'s Mistress of the Yuri Goggles) seemed to have a brief crush on Sawako-sensei at one point. I'm hoping that we'll see the "Romeo and Juliet" arc from the manga animated in the second season.

@ Nelligrand- An English release would be great! XD Hopefully some company will license it.

XSaraXPoeX said...

WOOHOO! *does the Snoopy dance*