Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oooh, ahhh... *キラキラ*

Crunchyroll just announced their Sasameki Koto contest today! ^^ Anybody who identifies the episode and time code for each of the five "kiss" scenes marked by CR will be automatically entered to win one of 2 free premium 6 month CR memberships being given away. (If only more contests could be won by watching yuri. :) )

I've really been enjoying the Aoi-arc (Yuri-Fes ftw!!), which drew to a close with today's episode. The next and final episode should be the summer festival one. It will be a nice, feel-good way to end the series...but I still want another season!! lol ^^; I would love to see the later manga volumes of SK  animated. What has been adapted has been fun, though.

Love Sumi's imagination. ^^
(Aoi has a pretty nice imagination too, but I find Sumi's lasciviousness self-honesty more appealing.)

Looking forward to the final episode!
(For me, it'll be a post-exam treat.)

BGM- "Kiss" (Sasameki Koto OST)

*The katakana in the post title can be romanized as "kirakira", which roughly means "sparkling." The More You Know =☆


Nelligrand said...

Looks like an entertaining contest. Though I wonder how exact the time codes are required to be... a single frame could span multiple seconds, or, in the case of zooming out/in shots, many multiple seconds with only the size of the shot changing. Probably over-thinking again though.

I, too, would like another season. It seems somewhat cruel to leave it partway through the available manga content. At 1 episode per chapter... there are how many chapters out? Eh, maybe if it generates enough interest over there. America in general needs to be less puritanical about this sort of subject matter *sigh* though that's a rant and a half in and of itself.

Hmm... kinda lost the threads of thought... ah, yes. More Sasameki Koto and more crayon imagination! *grin*

Katherine said...

@ Nelligrand- The time code for each "kiss" moment is supposed to be the exact time that each moment first appears.

There are 33 manga chapters out right now. Whether or not SK gets a second season will depend on how well the DVDs sell- so hopefully they'll do well enough. ^^ (DVD sales aren't the *only* factor behind a show getting a second season, but they're easily the most crucial factor.)