Friday, June 26, 2009

Sasameki Koto Seiyuu and New Character Designs!

I'm sure that many rabid fans of Sasameki Koto have noticed by now, but Sumi and Ushio's seiyuu have finally been announced on the website! ^^

Sumi is being voiced by Ayahi Takagaki, a VA who I don't recognize, although she has played characters from Baccano, Skip Beat, and (yay!!) season 4 of Maria-sama ga Miteru. ^^ I don't have any pre-concieved "image" of how her voice is supposed to sound, so I'm interested in how she'll sound as Sumi.

Ushio's seiyuu is Megumi Takamoto, who many fans know as Chao Lingshen in Negima!?, but who I only know as Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. (Btw, the seiyuu who voiced Winry in the original FMA series is Megumi Toyoguchi, a.k.a. Sei Satou from Maria-sama ga Miteru. I just thought that was a funny coincidence. ^^)

Plus, the character designs for Sumi and Ushio's right-hand woman Kiyori and Sumi's unrequited admirer Masaki are up on the website now.

I really want to see Tomoe, Miyako, and Aoi's character designs soon! (Especially Aoi, in her yuri fan-geek glory.) I'm looking forward to Lotte's character design mainly so that I can see all of the fanatic moe fans who haven't read the manga be dreadfully disappointed at how utterly un-cute she is when she shows up in the show. *evil laugh*

Plus, if you go to the main page of the website, the image of Ushio and Sumi there now includes Kiyori and Masaki standing next to them, which is pretty cute. ^^ A trailer would be nice~ *hint hint, studio AIC*, but it probably won't be up for a while. I'm sooo happy to have something great to look forward to this fall! XD

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