Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gorgeous New Marimite Drama CD Cover Art!

*gapes* I love the cover art for the new Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD that's coming out this July!! o__o

July 24, to be exact, according to the Marimite website. Noriko looks a little different from how she normally does, but overall, I think it's a gorgeous picture. I'm sure that this Drama CD, "Drops of the Rosary/Yellow Storm Warning" will cover the arc when Shimako is forced to "choose" between Noriko and the Yamayurikai, and the arc when Yoshino joins the kendo club. That means this is the last Drama CD before "Rainy Blue"! ^^ Yay~! Honestly, I love watching every story arc in Marimite, but Rainy Blue is probably going to be the most difficult one to listen to. If you've seen or read it, you understand. ^^;; Still, "Drops of the Rosary/Yellow Storm Warning" will be fun for anybody looking for more Shimako/Noriko and Rei/Yoshino goodness!

I'm really looking forward to the Drama CD covering "Vacation of the Lambs" for more Yumi/Sachiko. ^^

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