Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kannazuki no Miko Anime Re-Licensed

Good news for Kannazuki no Miko fans! ^^ Seriously, who saw this license coming? Apparently, Sentai Filmworks has acquired North American distribution rights for KnM from Geneon and a complete series collection will be released on August 25.

To me, Kannazuki no Miko isn't exactly a great series, but it's pretty entertaining and worth owning. Plus, it was the series that irrevocably converted me to yuri fandom, so I have a lot of sentimental value attached to it and hope it does at least decently. ^^;;

When KnM first came out in Japan and the U.S., yuri hadn't come into its own nearly as much as it has now, so I wonder how well this new release will do. (And I wonder how much Media Blasters' and Right Stuf's successful yuri releases affected the decision to re-license KnM.) I already bought the DVDs released by Geneon, so I don't think I'll double dip and purchase this new set, but hopefully other people will enjoy it.

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