Friday, June 19, 2009

Aoi Hana Interviews!

*squeals* ^^ The Aoi Hana website has just been updated today with interview questions for the seiyuu cast!! There is a photo the four main seiyuu (seen above), along with four questions for the seiyuu to answer. So far, only answers by Fumi's seiyuu, Ai Takabe, and Akira's seiyuu, Yuko Gibu, have been posted. I'm sure that the answers by Yasuko's seiyuu, Chiemi Ishimatsu, and Kyouko's seiyuu, Yui Horie, will be posted later, seeing as they're in the photo on the interview website also.

The questions are:

1) You probably have an impression of the work "Aoi Hana"?

2) Which part of you resembles the character you are playing?

(This is probably the most overused question asked of seiyuu, but I still like knowing their answers. ^^;;)

3) I didn't really get this one at all. Something about why they like playing the role...? -_-;;

4) The message to the fans who enjoy this work.

Sorry, my translation is abysmally rough. I don't even want to get into deciphering the answers. Ai Takabe said something about girls' friendships and romances and girls' schools in response to question 1 (with a heart symbol at the end). And Yuko Gibu said something about being open and carefree...? Very useful, I know. ^^;; What I wouldn't give for a proper translation... *__*

Additionally, I just noticed, there is a new "Special Talk" page dedicated to interviewing other people involved in Aoi Hana. Takako Shimura and...the other person's picture has the name "Chica Umino" under it with the kanji for "feather" in front of her name. So...Chica Umino? o_o;; I wasn't aware that she was involved. But the paragraph next to the name of the other person being interviewed (not Takako Shimura) describes her as the head of J.C. Staff (the studio animating Aoi Hana) who has worked on Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile. I hope I don't start some false rumor through my tenuous translations. ^^;;

But for any Aoi Hana fans who can read Japanese fluently enough, these interviews should be great reads. ^^

Plus, the Staff Room page has some neat photos showing materials used to promote the anime and there's a new wallpaper out! It's already on my desktop. ^^

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