Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sasameki Koto Anime Announced: Time to party!!

Wow. *recovers from blissful stupor* The Anime News Network just posted an article officially confirming that a Sasameki Koto anime is being made!!!!! XD

As with the Aoi Hana announcement, here is my reaction from the ANN forum:
Oh my freaking god, YESSSS!!!! Very Happy I love this series!! It's one of the best romantic-comedy manga titles I've read, period. It's a yuri title that can be appreciated by people who aren't fans of the genre. 2009 looks like a fantastic year, indeed.

I am transcendentally ecstatic!! ^_____^ As excellent and realistic as Aoi Hana is, Sasame Kikoto, out of the two, is the title that leaves me simultaneously shaking with laughter and mindlessly fangirling the most over the wonderfully weird romantic antics the characters engage in. There are also a few things that especially please me about the anime announcement for this series:

1) Unlike the ANN announcement for Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto is being promoted as a yuri series. No need for fans in the forums to do the work.

2) The announcement says that "
Sumika hears that Ushio is also "a girl who like girls," but Sumika's feelings have yet to be reciprocated." This distinguishes Sasameki Koto from series like Kashimashi that use the tired old "Pure love that transcends gender! So the girl doesn't really like girls, just this girl," shtick that quite a few people seem to find charming. I don't, however, so that description being used in the advertising made me a happy little fan.

3) This series doesn't take place in an all-girls' school!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! So no deluded fanboy can convince himself that the yuri is a result of the academic environment the characters inhabit. (Which is b.s. anyway. ^^ For evidence, see the lines of students at the women's college that I attend who take the weekend buses to party at the co-ed colleges in the area.)

4) I really like the line "school drama manga depicting a fresh look at bittersweet adolescence." It just sounds really cute and slightly nostalgic. XD It reminds me a little of the U.S. advertising for Ai Yori Aoshi- except that this is way better than Ai Yori Aoshi.

Here's a pic of the promo flier that somebody posted on the Shoujoai.com forum. Thanks to the user "plaid skirt" for contributing this:
And since the ANN article had Sasameki Koto written as two separate words instead of one, that's how I will spell it on this blog from now on, unless I see reason to do otherwise.

I am so covering this series here, along with Aoi Hana. After the yuri drought of 2008, this is fabulous news for yuri fans, or any anime fan who wants to watch a good romantic comedy.

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