Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Official Website For Aoi Hana ("Sweet Blue Flowers") Anime

Good news: the Aoi Hana anime website is up!

It's pretty, if simple for now. The website graphics convey the mood of the manga very well, with plenty of blue flower imagery (subtle :) ) and a promo video in the middle of the page. (Just press the blue "Play" button.) It's a nice promo, even though it only uses images from the manga. I want to see an anime picture or animated trailer of some kind. (Soon!! ;_;) But to the credit of the people who made the promo, they chose really nice images from the manga and edited them together well. ^^ And it further whets my appetite for the series.

Better still, Kenichi Kasai is directing Aoi Hana! XD With two other highly lauded romantic dramas with a similar aesthetic sensibility to Aoi Hana under his belt, Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile, I think that he's the perfect choice to direct this.

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