Saturday, March 7, 2009

Real First Post

Yay! ^^ This is my first post on this blog!! Since this past September, I've maintained a personal blog where I mostly posted about my life, with the occasional anime or manga-centric post thrown in when I liked or hated something enough to want to write about it. For organization's sake though, I decided to create a new blog where I can post my impressions of anime and manga separately. I normally write about a series that I love (like Strawberry Shake Sweet, Girl Friends, Maria-sama ga Miteru, or the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist and Aoi Hana anime), loathe (like Candy Boy and possibly at least the first episode of the craptastic looking Queen's Blade), or consider a guilty pleasure that's fun to comment on (the Strawberry Panic light novel). I imported anime and manga posts from my older blog so that my newer posts on certain series I've already written about will seem less random. And as any thorough anime and manga connosieur may discern, I'm a yuri fan, so I'll be posting primarily on that. Douzo yoroshiku! ^^

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