Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween silliness

First fan art post in two years, w00t. I just felt like putting one together again for Halloween this year. (Here's the one from 2009.)


No surprise for Azusa's costume.

This one might be harder to identify. Hint: Shizuru and Natsuki are on the broomstick.

Nanoha and Fate riding Raising Heart and Bardiche like broomsticks = my favorite pic in this post.

If you can't recognize these three, you are not a true card-carrying girls with guns fan.

Someone needs to make a Kyuubey jack o'lantern.

I didn't find anything yuri-relevant for Penguindrum, but... gah, penguins... cute!! Couldn't resist. XD


Anonymous said...

Wow, so many nice pics :D I can't even choose a fave one although the Nanoha and Fate one is perhaps the more artsy and penguins rock XP

Thanks for the Halloween Yuri goodness ^_^

Katherine Hanson said...

@yukimi87- My pleasure! :-) Yes, Halloween Yuri goodness ftw.