Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yuri Alert: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon episode 1

Guess what made me suddenly interested in this series? Even without the promo art I'm posting here,
I'm sure you would have easily guessed what it is.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon is a silly speculative fiction piece that takes place in the distant future, after all of the land on Earth except Japan has been rendered uninhabitable. The remainder of the various populations on Earth have squeezed into Japan and carved it into several feudal territories. In their current, post-apocalyptic era, they are loosely re-creating various historical periods. Right now, they're in the Sengoku era. A Sengoku era that includes hyper-advanced technology and talking blobs and and broomstick-riding angels (or whatever they are). That's what I got from the info-dump, anyway. You can see what I mean here. (I understand that the groups fansubbing this thing aren't very good, which surely doesn't help most English-speaking viewers.)

The main group of characters attend school in the floating city of Musashi. The first episode introduces their personalities and abilities by showing them in gym class. Their teacher challenges them to attack and successfully land hits on her by the time she reaches a certain point in the city. None of them manage it, but the teacher tells them that they've improved. Then the guy who cut class shows up. He proudly announces that he was waiting in line for the limited first print edition of an eroge, and then gropes the teacher's boobs. She kicks him through a building, and the show cuts to more world-building exposition.

When I first learned about this show, I expected it to have nothing that I would like. It's as stupid as can be, but I actually enjoyed it for what it is until the eroge guy showed up. Boobs that look like they've been inflated with a tire pump? I can handle that. But ugh ugh ugh, "funny" (and weirdly censored) sexual harassment.

This is a piece of crap, but it's (for now) watchable enough crap with colorful fights and a yuri couple, and I'm in. (Again.) Just please please please please, tone down the smarmy-faced eroge guy. (And make him wear a mask. I hate his face.) I'll try more and see where it goes.


taylor said...

ahh i agree 100%! i actually really liked it up until that guy. it's the kind of over the top, way too complicated anime that i like sometimes. the characters are great except that one guy!! he's probably going to be the main protagonist... i hate his character design as well.

Katherine Hanson said...

@taylor- "he's probably going to be the main protagonist..." <- Nooooooooooooooo! >_> (Had to say that, even though I knew.) Yes, hopefully the enjoyable bits of the series won't be overpowered by him. And same here, in that unlike most people watching Horizon, I didn't really have a problem with the glut of exposition. I would like this series to show more than it tells now that the intro episode is over, though.

Sheldor said...

I hate you.

Nah, you know I love you but right now I kinda resent your drawing my attention to this series - and just when I was THIS close to a trauma free Autumn!

*watches episode*

Hmmm, that’s like a bona fide Yuri pairing… *consults with inner fangirl* Yeah, looks as though I have no grounds to pass on this series.

*shakes fist*

Damn you Katherine, damn you!

Katherine Hanson said...

@Sheldor- Muahaha. *smirks evilly before flying back to secret lair via helicopter*

Sheldor said...