Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orange & Yellow

Orange & Yellow is Otsu Hiyori's weakest collection, but it's still above average.

"Orange and Yellow" is a three-part story about sensible Jun and her spacy best friend Myu. Since they were little, Myu has told Jun that she loves her more than anyone, but Jun always assumed she meant it platonically. Myu gets a bad reputation at school because she's dated fifteen boys over two years, but she only dated them because of some advice Jun gave her. When Jun finds out, she tells Myu that she should only go out with someone if she has feelings for them- and Myu instantly asks her to be her girlfriend. This throws Jun for a loop, and after getting advice from some upperclassmen, she distances herself from Myu...and realizes how much she misses her. So much, that she and Myu quickly make up and start dating. "Orange and Yellow" is cute, but as a couple, Jun and Myu are more tepid than I would like. Myu's childishness is over-exaggerated, but she also has the best character moments. (The towel scene and the accidental outing.)

In "The Proof of Her Love" Yamamoto-sensei, a teacher at an all-girls' school, finds out that the new teacher, Saitou-sensei, used to be a student at the school. Saitou was in love with Yamamoto then and still carries a torch for her. This story could so easily have been creepy, but strained through the Otsu Hiyori-filter, it's a cute piece of fluff.

In the 4 page "Magical Chocolate", Ako gives Kei a piece of chocolate, saying that whoever eats it will fall for the person who gave it to them. Kei eats it, but tells Ako that she can't tell if it works because she was in love with her before eating it. ^^

"Katakoi Hime" is definitely my favorite in this collection. Saki, who has never fallen in love, comes across a girl named Mizuno lying on the ground in the rain. Mizuno jokes that she's the reincarnation of a mermaid, since her love will never be returned. Now Saki can't stop noticing how pretty Mizuno's smile is and how much she "sparkles" as a result of being in love. She realizes that Mizuno is in love with their teacher Fukami-sensei after seeing Mizuno kiss her arm where Fukami-sensei touched it. When Saki asks Mizuno about it, Mizuno says that she's weird because of her feelings, isn't she? Saki replies that she isn't (she envies Mizuno for knowing what it's like to be in love), and Mizuno cries because nobody has told her that her feelings aren't weird. Saki gathers information on Sensei to help out Mizuno, but finds out that Sensei's going to get married- which is why Mizuno thought her love was completely hopeless. Saki comforts Mizuno and starts falling for Mizuno herself. (This story pleasantly reminds me of Mermaid Line's "Megumi and Aoi", Ichijou Yukari's "That's Why I Sigh", and Kawaii Anata's "Winter-Tinged Thoughts.")

In "Tear Potion", Kanoko doesn't like Satomi, the girl who sits next to her in class, because Satomi gives her the cold shoulder for no apparent reason. Kanoko finds out that Satomi thinks she's going out with Matsui, the guy Satomi likes, but Kanoko explains that he's just her cousin...and by the way, he has a girlfriend. When Satomi starts crying in response, Kanoko suddenly feels bad and licks one of her tears away. (This scene isn't as weird as it sounds, I swear.) The next day, Satomi can't stop blushing around Kanoko and Kanoko realizes that she wants to make Satomi fall for her.

Then there's a cute epilogue about Jun and Myu.

Again, Orange & Yellow isn't Otsu's best (all of the stories in it are sweet, but only "Katakoi Hime" is on the the same level as the Kawaii Anata collection), but it's still enjoyable.

Story: B-
Art: B+
Overall: B-

Up next, Clover!


yasashiisekai said...

I love her works but I agree, Orange & Yellow is my least favourite couple. I've got a few of her volumes but I need to start learning my Japanese!!! :'(

A Day Without Me said...

Oh, Otsu Hiyori is one of my favorite authors for yuri (Shimura Takako wins that prize by far). I think I may go re-read her work... Clover was probably my favorite of hers. Its been long enough that I can't really comment on how muhc I enjoyed Orange and Yellow or not ^^;