Thursday, April 8, 2010

StoPani and Hayate x Blade Manga News from Seven Seas

I wouldn't normally buy an omnibus if it's for a series that I already own, but...since Seven Seas' newly (but not conspicuously) announced Strawberry Panic! omnibus will contain "two all-new previously unreleased chapters" along with the rest of the series, I'm sold. -___-;;It's coming out in October 2010. A Hayate x Blade omnibus (collecting volumes 1-3) is due for release the following month. (It isn't coming with any "extras", as far as I know, so I probably won't get it. Although it feels...wrong to have SP! in a larger size, and not Hayate...and seeing Tenchi Gakuen's sword-slinging action in a larger format...damn it. *resists*)


Snark said...

What. THIS was Seaven Sea's big announcement for Hayate X Blade? An omnibus? A FUCKING OMNIBUS!? Who gives a motherfucking shit about an omnibus!? What we want to know is when and even if the next fucking volumes will be out!

P.S. said...

Depending on the extras, or my mood at the time, I may buy the omnibus and give the first three volumes, that I have bought, to a friend and get them addict...I mean into the series!

I have nothing but respect for and Seven Sea's, and Erica Friedman, for making this series available to the english reading public. I do, however, understand why fans are frustrated over the release dates.

Of course there is always plan B, learn to read japanese and buy the books the 2nd prints (which have nicer covers IMHO).

darkchibi07 said...

Maybe that's their plan. Use the second print covers for the omnibus. Of course this bothers me even more:

Katherine said...

@ Snark- I agree that the wait for news on volumes 7+ is frustrating, but there's nothing we can really do. Hopefully we'll get better news soon.

@ P.S.- Haha, XD good plan. I need to get more people hooked on H x B, also.

I'm glad to see it available in English at all...but (of course) since I really, really, really like H x B, I will be very disappointed if the series doesn't finish its run in English. Hopefully that won't be the case. ^^

@ darkchibi- I'm not very surprised, but it's still disheartening news. :(

Let's keep our fingers crossed that a different publisher will dip their toes into the (good) yuri pool more. At least Seven Seas stated that they still want to release series with "yuri elements."

And thanks for the link!