Monday, April 26, 2010

Oooh!!!! The rest of the Marimite Movie Cast!!!!!

Yay, the full cast for the Marimite movie has been announced! ^__^ From left to right in the photos above and below, the actresses are: Hirose Alice (Taneshima Tsutako), Akiyama Nana (Torii Eriko), Hirata Kaoru (Mizuno Youko), Haru (Ogasawara Sachiko), Miki Honoka (Fukuzawa Yumi), Takizawa Karen (Satou Sei-sama), Sakata Rikako (Hasekura Rei), and Miyake Hitomi (Shimazu Yoshino).

  • Like Haru, Hirose Alice is a model for Seventeen.
  • Akiyama Nana has done previous acting work in dramas, movies, and theater, and well as a few anime roles. She has also released some CDs and modeled in a few magazines.
  • Hirata Kaoru has acted in several dramas and movies.
  • By now, it's pretty well known among Marimite movie-followers that Miki Honoka is a model for Love Berry. I'm a little surprised that they chose a 13 year-old actress to play Yumi (especially since Haru is 18, and Yumi and Sachiko are only one year apart; it would actually feel a little creepy for me if things got too "intense" between live action-Yumi and live action-Sachiko- which I doubt would happen in the first place because of Miki's age)- but as long as she does a good job, that's all that really matters.
  • Takizawa Karen is a Seventeen model.
  • Sakata Rikako has modeled for Love Berry and acted in at least one other movie (Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai), a drama (Koishite Akuma), and whatever this is.
  • Miyake Hitomi has acted in a drama (Ryomaden) and voiced a character in season 2 of Code Geass.
The film is due for release this fall, although the date hasn't been specified. I love the poster- it's too cute!! And it perfectly represents the tone of the story.


Shinra said...

OMGGGG!!!I just can't stop Crying with happiness!!! HORRAYY!!!

XDDD I think only Tsutako, Yumi n Yoshino looks the same... both Actress n Anime... The rest... errr... 50/50 i guess... n Satou Sei is soooo not Satou Sei Poi!!! XD So as Rei...

Just can't wait till Fall!!! What the heck, Just release it now!!! XD

furei kinoko said...

Is Marimite was novel or manga? Please upload the trailer ~_^

Yaya said...

It's so awesome!!!
But, wait, where is Shimako? >.<

Katherine said...

@ Shinra- I can't wait either!! XD Some of the actresses might not look just like the characters, but hopefully they will get their mannerisms across well enough to still bring them to life. *fingers crossed*

@ furei kinoko- Marimite is originally a novel series written by Oyuki Konno, which was later adapted into an 8 volume manga series (serialized in Margaret magazine from 2003-2007). Once there is a trailer available for the movie (which probably won't be for a while), I'll be sure to post it. :)

@ Yaya- D'oh- how could I miss that when I wrote this post!? -__-;; Hopefully they're still looking for someone to play Shimako. I can't see why they would cut her out.

Shinra said...

No wonder everyone Fogets Shimako!!! XD I LoLLLL sooo hard after finding out that she's not in it XD

Not only Marimite Characters Forgets ger... WE DO TOO!! ^^

Katherine said...

@ Shinra- lol Yeah...I feel like such a bad fan for not noticing that she wasn't in the cast list. XD