Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random thoughts

I hate Blogger's tendency to save stuff automatically. It's more of a pain than anything.

Anyway, just thought I'd write about what I'm watching while I'm still drunk from Senior Wine an d Cheese Night. (And done with reading due omorrow.) I'm ashamed to say that I'm behind on Ikoku Meiro even though it's a good show. For some reason, I'm still watching Blood-C. I still don't like Saya. I expected a bloodthirsty killlling machine and I got Snow White with a sword. I love how she doesn't save anyone except glasses guy, who got lucky, Sensei's still kind of sexy, even though I'd think someone that that's kind of old if she hit on me in real life. Yuryuri still sucks. I don't remember thhat the last episode was. It was that good. Morita-san's gotten pretty good. I like the characters and it doesn't oversta it's welcome. The OVA was stupid. The series is kind of charmign though. What else. No. 6 isn't as good as I hoped it'd be, but it's still entrtaining and short. I have to watch the last episode. I just hope Nezumi doesn't, like, die so Shion and Safu can be together, And I have to watch the newest Penguindrum. Lovrf the latest episode. I love Ikuhara's dream logic. Anything else? Nope. I only have one class tomorrow, and it isn't in the morning. I wouldn't normally drikn on a school night. Just fyi. Oh! I also tried Manyuu Hikenchou because my mind is drawn ot crap. It sucked and I didn't finish it, I'm glad Heart of Thomas was licensed, since it means A Drunken Dream didn't bomb, but I reaaaally want Shiroi Heya no Futari. If the first yaoi can get licensed, the first yuri can, right? ANd stupid Yoku Wakaru Lame Ass Magic Users got licensed. I want Aoi Hana, damn it. (Other two in my top three are Hourou Musuko and Sasame Kikoto.) Battle Athletes became my summer yuri show. It's actually good. I can imagine it's new, since I haven't seen it beforee.

Edit on 10:05 a.m. Friday: So remember kids, don't drink and blog. By the way, Senior Wine and Cheese Night is a tradition in my dorm house. A senior volunteers to host it (different people volunteer for different Wine and Cheese Nights), whichever seniors want to attend gather in the host's room or the house living room (whichever the host chooses), and we drink whatever wine, cheese, and cheese complements the host bought. It's nothing fancy. We drink out of whatever we have (most people use plastic cups), play music, and talk. Last night was the first Wine and Cheese Night of the year.

Edit at 7:34 p.m. Sunday: Erm, maybe the host doesn't buy the wine and cheese. I feel idiotic for assuming that. Maybe the house council gives each host a set amount of money to spend. That would make more sense. I'm not really sure right now.


Anonymous said...

That was actually quite charming for a drunk post. FWIW, I agree with most points of your rant. ;)

Katherine Hanson said...

@Anon- lol Thanks.