Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crack List: Top Series to Watch for Yuri Characters in the Military (Update 5 added)

Today is the first day after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell! As a small salute to this day, I decided to create this top 5 list. Which characters made the cut?

5. Arguably, most of the Time and Space Administration Bureau in StrikerS. No one's really canon, but holy smokes, so much subtext. Nothing nothing nothing will convince me that Nanoha and Fate aren't an item. I'm not invested in Subaru x Teana, but they add extra slashability to the series for anyone who wants it. After Nanoha and Fate, Signum is the one who I most want to be gay am most convinced is gay. Anyway...lots of cool, subtext-heavy women in military uniform = should be listed here.
As a bonus, Nanoha and Fate in wedding dresses.

4. Just about everyone in Koihime Musou, most noteably Sousou and Hakufu. I really tried, but I didn't find any good couple pictures to post here. Still, for its seemingly all-lesbian alternate world ancient Chinese armies, this franchise belongs on this list.

3. 90% of the Meisters in Mai Otome: When your country's military might depends on super-powered women who must be willing to never have sex with men...yup. It would be shocking if Mai Otome didn't make this list.
And yay! I found a decent Chie x Aoi pic.
And some Haruka x Yukino. (The non-ShizNat couples deserve some love too.)

2. The sybillae in Simoun: For the military aircraft powered by kissing alone.
Can't resist another Aer x Neviril pic.

1. Haruka and Michiru: They are senshi, after all. For being completely unambiguous and the best characters on this list, Haruka and Michiru easily come out on top.

Is there anyone else who you think deserves to be on this list?

Next day update: As Erin pointed out in the comments, Rose of Versailles' Oscar deserves an Honorable Mention for being a trailblazing heroine in a trailblazing series. Vive a la Oscar!

Update 2: This is meant to be an anime-only list, but as Erica pointed out via Twitter, Kurogane Pukapukatai would be a shoo-in if manga were included. 

Update 3: I've only seen random bits of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex on Adult Swim (I keep meaning to watch it properly, but haven't yet), but Major Kusanagi seems like a cool character and fellow Tweeter bystrouska mentioned that she has some subtext. 

Update 4: The subtext in Rimelda's obsession with Madlax makes them that much more fun to watch. A hat-tip to Sheldor for reminding me that Bee Train's girls with guns trilogy does have a character who I can add to this list.

Update 5: As commenter µ points out, Blue Drop's invading all-lesbian alien race, the Arume, includes a number of characters who fit this list.


Ali said...

Hi Katherine, love your blog!

Anyway, I don't have any additions off the top of my head...all I can say is, bravo to this list!! :D

Erin said...

Oscar from The Rose of Versailles doesn't quite belong on the list, but she was a trailblazer. I'd consider her an honorable mention or something for a list of yuri characters in the military.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Ali- Thank you! ^_^

@Erin- You're right. List updated!

Sheldor said...


Love this list, Julia-san always cracks me up. Oscar is just too dashing for words...

Depends how far down the barrel you want to scrape but dare I suggest the characters from Strike Witches belong on the list? God I hate that show... What about Limelda from Madlax? Personally I never saw her as gay but I know some people are adamant she is.

You've ever watched Ghost in the Shell SAC? You, my friend are missing out. I understand Major Kusanagi is bisexual in the manga only - but that doesn't make her any less awesome! For example, I have three wall scrolls covering the walls of my room - all three are of her.

Loved this lis!

Katherine Hanson said...

@Sheldor- Wow. My interest in Major Kusanagi is now piqued.

I feel the same about Strike Witches. It gives me a modicum of cruel joy to think that somewhere, someone who likes it will be disappointed that I didn't include his favorite loli show. I'm up for adding Rimelda, though. (Can't complain about looking up pictures of her. :P )

Glad you enjoyed the list!
"Congratulations!" <- And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Heh, I was about to post Kurogane Pukapukatai before I noticed it was anime only. As for Kusanagi, I recall at least one scene of her together with a female lover, although my memory may play tricks on me and that happens in one of the movies. There's So Ra Wo No To according to yuri-subtext-microscope users (I don't see it). Kiddy Grade/Kiddy Girl has a few cute couples (that counts as military, right?). There's also Blue Drop's crew of the Blue.

Anonymous said...

Needs more Sora no Woto

Katherine Hanson said...

@µ- Blue Drop! That's right. It might be weird for me to nit-pick given some of my other list choices, but the characters in Kiddy Grade seem more like police. (Going by what I've read about it- and one terrible episode of Kiddy GirLand- since I haven't seen KG yet. It's another series on my "to watch" list.) But yes, Blue Drop definitely fits.

@Anon- Needs more yuri to be listed