Thursday, August 18, 2011

Twinkle Saber Nova volume 1

It wasn't until recently that I decided to finally check out Twinkle Saber Nova. I like Fujieda's manga, but took forever to read this one. ^^;

Twinkle Saber Nova takes place in the future, in a high school where "free will" is the school creed. The  school exists to facilitate its students' dreams, whatever they might be.

Such an amazing school seems lost on spacey Hayana, who cheerfully bounces from meal to meal without a care in the world. One day when she's having lunch at her favorite school restaurant with her friend Aoi, the school's World Domination Club shows up to take over the restaurant. Even though they want to conquer the world, it's a little big, see, so they decided to start with their school. But their school's a little too big for them to takeover at once, so they're really starting with one of the school restaurants. Kirie-sensei saves Hayana and Aoi, and tells them that they can fight the WDC if they join Sensei's Allies of Justice Club...which currently has no members. Hayana decides to join and gets to wear the battle armor that Sensei developed. The WDC continues to ineffectively try to take over different portions of the school, only for Hayana to defeat them with a smile.

Twinkle Saber Nova is cute, but it's Fujieda's weakest series. The characters don't leave much of an impression (I only remembered Hayana's name because it reminds me of Ayana from Hayate x Blade) and the story (WDC causes trouble, Hayana instantly defeats them) becomes repetitive by the end of this volume. (Even the introduction of a new female AJC member who has a bit of a crush on Hayana doesn't do much to spice up the story.) Fujieda's sleek art is TSN's biggest draw, along with its refreshing lack of service. There are also some charming humorous moments (mostly involving the villains) and Fujieda puts a lot of care into world-building for Hayana's school. Not above average, but definitely not below average either.

Story: C+
Art: Starts at a B, sharpens into Fujieda's current B+
Overall: C+

I'm going to keep on rolling out Fujieda reviews (Iono, Alice Quartet, and MikoMajyo) until I've covered all of the series by Fujieda that I haven't reviewed yet, by the end of summer vacation. (It's so nice to be home! X3 I'll do another post about my time in Japan- but I thought that I should review something again, first.)


Snark said...

World Domination Club is the greatest school club I've ever heard of.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Snark- Absolutely.