Friday, August 12, 2011

Comiket Day 1

I almost labeled this post "つかれた.” I had a great time at Comiket today, but it was tiring. ^_^; I met up with Fernando Ramos (a.k.a. @HelloNavi), a Comiket veteran who I met via Twitter.

We both thought Comiket was supposed to open at 10:00 this morning, but the line didn't start moving until until 11:00. (Once it started moving, we got in pretty quickly.) Luckily, the Comiket staff handed out Madoka Magica fans to the people waiting to get in (they ran out of Homuras before I could get one, dang-it; I got Kyouko and Sayaka instead) and I had an an umbrella.

We went to the company booths area first, where we swam through the crowd to get to the line for Ichijinsha. (Most of Ichijinsha's merchandise was for Yuruyuri, as expected, but I only wanted Sayuri-hime. A million thanks to Fernando for patiently waiting in line.) Then we got lunch at a restaurant (Big Sight has several restaurants) and went to the cosplay area, which was outside. It. Was. Awesome. There were some fantastic cosplayers, but my squeal-inducing favorites were the two women who cosplayed as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Did not expect to see them, even though Fernando wasn't surprised. I also briefly stalked a woman dressed as Possessed Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum, because her costume was great and Fernando hadn't noticed it, and I was very sensibly like, "Really, you have to see this costume from this awesome show that you haven't seen!!"

Then Fernando left Comiket for another engagement and I explored the doujinshi halls. The first day of Comiket is BL-centric, although there's still some yuri and het. It was interesting to see the variety in the rows and rows and rows and rows of doujinshi tables and people-watch the sellers and buyers. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow. ^_^

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