Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some First Impressions for Spring

This is just a string of commentary on the new spring shows I've checked out so far.

A Channel
Boring. One of the the girls, Tooru, has an obvious (to me) crush on her best friend Run, but it's kept just ambiguous enough that it won't threaten DVD sales.

Battle Girls - Time Paradox:
Also- Toyoguchi Megumi as Nobunaga.

Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera:
As a goofy, slightly off-kilter (duh, it's Nagai Go) kids' show about hunting monsters, it was entertaining. Don't see myself following it, though.

Hanasaku Iroha:
Hanasaku Iroha didn't surprise me as far as the quality of its artistry and writing, but it definitely surprised me with its tone and its protagonist, who isn't the Mizunashi Akari-like bundle of sugary innocence I expected. Some people might consider her a brat (I could list my own, nastier behavior as a 16 year old) and balk at certain aspects of the plot (yes, her grandma is a bitch), but I'm glad this show decided to go for a darker, more dramatic tone than most shows with similar promo. It could easily become unwatchable in a number of ways, but I'm hoping for some rewarding character growth on Ohana's (and the other characters') part. (Going from the OP, we can count on it.)

Kämpfer für die Liebe
Phew... Kämpfer isn't pretending to have a plot anymore. To buy a new bra, female-Natsuru takes a part-time job at a bunny girl hostess club, along with Akane. Male-Natsuru agrees to go to a mixer at the same club, hoping that the Sakura who only exists in his head will attend. While Natsuru experiences the mixer from hell, Sakura spends some quality time with her harem. As expected, Akane, Shizuku, and Mikoto come onto Natsuru at the mixer. Business as usual.

My Ordinary Life:
This was okay. Nary a hint of yuri, but funnier than its main competitor, A Channel. (I actually laughed out loud at the food-saving gag.)

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - World's Greatest First Love:
A cute start to the early stages of what looks to be a sweet romance between a shoujo manga editor and his new boss/editor-in-chief- with some entertaining industry commentary, even in the next episode preview.

An interesting head-trip series, reminiscent of Lain. It's already better than Chaos;Head by virtue of having a lead who doesn't irritate the heck out of me. I really hope this series doesn't go with the "it was all in his HEAD! Isn't your mind blown by that?" plot device as a resolution. (That type of resolution usually feels like a cheap cop-out, although it can work in some stories- naturally, I won't say which ones.)

Tiger & Bunny:
I'll quote what I said last Sunday on Twitter: "Tiger & Bunny = interesting, with a clever premise. Really wish the one gay guy hadn't been written the way that he was, though."

We, Without Wings - Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa ha Nai:
Why did I watch this? Worst thing so far this season. (Follow this show, and you can get not one, not two, but THREE crappy individual dating sim storylines in ONE show! The guy with a harem, the guy who hangs out at a maid café, and the guy who loiters around a shopping area at night.)

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