Saturday, April 2, 2011


Is this yuri? No, but it's K-ON, so I am writing about it. (Btw, Fujieda Miyabi's a big fan. On his ustream channel, where he has done drawings live for his "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing fans, he has been known to sing along to music, including K-ON's. It's pretty great.) <- There's your yuri connection. lol Anyway....

This episode was a great set-up for the upcoming movie.

It's the summer before graduation. Yui, Mugi, Ritsu, and Mio decide to go on a post-graduation trip and invite Azusa along, but Mugi's the only one with a passport. They look at travel guides and talk about where to go- and of course, their different choices reflect their personalities. (But Mio, honey, England isn't the birthplace of rock 'n roll.)

Ui gives Yui a book on self-defense, prompting a self-defense practice scene that was kind of...adorable. XD (Mostly for how much Mugi got into being a perp.)

They also try to practice communicating in terrible English, then via charades, which was the funniest scene in this OVA. Second place goes to Yui and Ritsu messing with Mio when she tries to take a passport photo.

Of course they get their passports (and take a cute group shot with them) and, even though they still don't know where they're going, we'll find out when the movie previews roll out. ;-) And they promise to go on another trip with Azusa after she graduates. And because this is K-ON, they eat (and talk about) food constantly. (You could make a group drinking game out of it. The folks who like K-ON would have even more fun while watching it, and the folks who don't can numb their disinterest with alcohol- everybody wins.)

Super-cute episode. XD Can't wait for the movie!!!


Duskren said...

Ehhh??? So the movie IS going to be about them going overseas? Why not show them in college and have them face some real issues? Like them disbanding due to different interests or causes then coming together in a big concert? Granted, that would probably KILL the fanboys however, I think it would leave some things for personal growth or something! Ahh since I'm such a Ritsu fan, I'll be loyal and watch it regardless.

Katherine Hanson said...

@Duskren- As far as I've seen, there hasn't been any explicit, official confirmation of what the movie will be about- but it seems pretty clear to me that this OVA is a set up for the movie. Having the girls go on an overseas trip would be an easy story to wrap up within the time span of a movie (and a lot of the fans would be like, "OMG!! We can see the characters travel in [insert country]!!!"), leaving their college years (especially since the new college series has just started serialization) for a possible TV series adaptation down the road.

Duskren said...

Well...since you put it that way... *feels stubbornness melt away...* I guess I have no choice but to just wait for it to come out if and when they decide for a third season like you said. Darn it Kat, I want to be all hoity-toity about this! Must you make me see reason??