Sunday, November 28, 2010

More on Upcoming Yuri Anime (Updated w/ clarification)

Looks like a certain yuri alien series that nobody was all that excited about anyway is getting a limited edition 6 minute anime bundled with its third manga volume. Since the anime adaptation announcement didn't specify that it's going to be a TV series, I guess that this is it.

In an interesting casting decision, Naoko-san, the "strange alien from Yuri-sei (Yuri Planet) who loves yuri, eroticism, and girls", is being played by Arai Satomi, best known for voicing Railgun's Kuroko.

More screencaps are available here (credit goes to darkchibi07 for finding it) and Yurizuki has a page describing the manga. It really looks like a piece of crap. ^^

For something much, much better of yuri interest to look forward to-
Hourou Musuko!! For folks who don't know, Nitori (the protagonist in the middle of the pic above, an introverted transgender girl) dates a model named Anna later on in the manga- and Anna agrees to go on a date with her when she's dressed as a girl. (Be forewarned that the relationship doesn't last, but the series is still running and Shimura knows what she's doing.) Nitori gets a crush on her best friend Takatsuki (to the left in the pic) earlier on, although whether one would label this as yuri is debatable since Takatsuki is FtM. Not like it matters.<-- Next day clarification: This was my rough way of saying, "I don't want to spark a discussion as to whether Nitori's feelings for Takatsuki are yuri or not because that sort of debate can strike nerves and hurt feelings for people and I don't want to go there." It's a great story. Chiba (to the right in the pic) is the first person to get that Nitori's a girl (even giving her girl's clothes), and also gets a crush on her early on. More love complications pop up involving other people.

You can find some great-looking trailers (an English subbed version of the second trailer is available here), a cute relationship chart with links to the character pages, and two wallpapers on the official website.

While Nitori and Takatsuki are being voiced by new talent, Nitori's older sister Maho will be played by Mizuki Nana, Anna will be played by Horie Yui, Nitori's eccentric classmate Chizuru will be played by Chiba Saeko, and Chizuru's clingy best friend Momoko will be played by Toyosaki Aki. Quite a cast there.

Hourou Musuko is premiering on January 13.

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