Thursday, November 25, 2010

As A Yuri Fan, I'm Thankful For...

Yay, it's Thanksgiving! ^_^ In honor of this holiday of being grateful for what one has, stuffing oneself with delicious food, and (in my case) getting a small vacation from school, I am listing what I'm thankful for as a yuri fan.

Every English-language manga and anime company that licenses good yuri- from the ones that have made a consistently strong showing to the ones that released something good once-upon-a-time. (E.g. Tokyopop with Sailor Moon.) An especially big thanks to RightStuf, Media Blasters, ALC Publishing, and Seven Seas. And on the flip side, massive thanks to the fans who buy the stuff they like instead of stealing it, making it possible to get more yuri licensed. (More Hayate x Blade, less Maria Holic!) Oh! And the fact that we haven't had anything like this (in English) in eons. And one more thing...I will love any company that licenses Aoi Hana forever and ever and ever (with money). Speculative thanks in advance.

Yoshiya Nobuko. I always introduce her towards the beginning of my yuri panels because yuri wouldn't be...what it is without her novels. And she was as out as one could be when she was alive.

The earliest yuri mangaka- particularly Yamagishi Ryoko for Shiroi Heya no Futari and Ikeda Riyoko for her repeated use of yuri/gender-bendy themes in her work (Rose of Versailles, Oniisama E, Claudine, and Futarippochi). So many tropes of yuri manga were solidified by these two.

Every writer/artist who has created yuri manga and/or novels that I enjoy since then, and every studio that has produced good yuri anime.

And definitely not least, other yuri fans. Whether on forums, at panels, on other blogs, or this humble little blog, it's great to be able to share my nerdy hobby with other people. ^__^ Thank you! (This is starting to sound like an award speech...)

Feel free to chime in with what you're thankful for. And to everyone celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Great list!! I completely agree. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

Katherine said...

Thanks! ^__^

Sheldor said...

I have three things to say.

1) Awwww.


3) I am forever thankful to Shimura and Aoi Hana for igniting my passion for Yuri. Yuri has brought me so much joy and introduced me to so many characters who have entertained me, humoured me and lent me their strength. It’s been amazing cheering for them!

I’m also thankful to Yuri for an amazing friendship. We bonded over our mutual interest - love of all things Yuri - and along the way have become true friends. My life has been deeply enriched thanks to Yuri.

Long live Yuri!!!

p.s I hate you for making me so corny here.

P.S said...

This was a lovely post on all things yuri past and present.

Though I don't celebrate Thanksgiving(I live in England),I am thankful for your post's on shows I haven't seen before, Moribito being one of them.

I am also thankful for the activities of Nozomi and Seven Seas for releasing many wonderful titles.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Katherine said...

@Sheldor- Bwahaha. :D

In all seriousness- it's awesome that you found a close friend that way.

"Yuri has brought me so much joy and introduced me to so many characters who have entertained me, humoured me and lent me their strength. It’s been amazing cheering for them!"<--This.

"My life has been deeply enriched thanks to Yuri."<--And definitely this. *waves yuri flag*

@P.S.- Aww, thank you! :) I had a great Thanksgiving, and I'm glad you find my posts helpful/enjoyable.